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World of Quilts XXXIV

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OnPoint! April 2014



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 Welcome Spring and A World of Quilts XXXV!! We’re only weeks away now from the big event and the excitement is building! With 264+ members helping, we’ll breeze through the activities to bring another gorgeous, creative, and awe-inspiring show to the public. Many hands make light work!

The Nominating Committee has built a slate of candidates for election in the Annual Meeting on May 20th. There were no nominations from the floor during the meeting on March 18th. You can check out the bios of the candidates in this issue of OnPoint! to become familiar with those who gave us their “Yes”. Your vote will be taken on May 20th.

Because there are so many friendly, energetic members, it took us by surprise when we had to make 40 calls to fill 4 positions on the Board. We were very fortunate to fill the open positions with fully qualified people. The Committee felt we were blocked by a rule in the By-Laws that limits utilizing individuals who have proven again and again to be willing workers.

NSQG By-Laws (amended and approved May 17, 2011)

 Article V: Board of Directors

Section 4:  Members of the Board of Directors may serve for no more than six (6) years , and   in no case shall they serve on the Board for more than six (6) years within a ten (10) year period.

Because the Nominating Committee feels we are losing the interest and talents of capable, hardworking and willing workers by this ten-year provision, the Committee offered the following proposed Amendment to the By-Laws.

Proposed Amendment to NSQG By-Laws

Article V: Board of Directors

 Section 4: Members of the Board of Directors may serve for no more than six (6) consecutive years, and in no case shall they serve on the Board for more than six (6) years within an eight (8) year period.

 This proposal was brought to the Board of Directors in February and was discussed again in the March Board Meeting. A vote of the Board was taken on March 18th and the proposal was approved. The next step for this Amendment to the By-Laws will be for the Guild members to vote by ballot during the Annual Meeting on May 20th. We will always try to encourage new faces to join the Board. Maybe it will be yours.

Caryl Castellion, President


Official Notice of the NSQG Annual Meeting:

NSQG General Meeting will be held May 20, 2014 at 7 pm
in the Kennedy Catholic High School Cafeteria.  Route 138, Somers, NY 10589


The Nominating Committee Report to the NSQG Board of Directors, March 11, 2014:

The NSQG 2014 Nominating Committtee is happy to present the following candidates for election to serve on the 2014-2015 NSQG Board of Directors:

President                                      Caryl Castellion
Secretary                                      Melanie Darensod
Treasurer                                      Linda Ostrander
VP Membership                          Patti Calautti
VP Communications                  Helen Boland
VP Programs                               JoAnne Finningan
VP Education                              Jennifer Kramer
VP Quilt Show                             Susan Fasnacht

Respecfully submitted by,

Judy Gignesi, Chairperson
Melanie Darensod, Maggie Kolvenbach, Carolyn Langevin, Caryl Castellion

The Guild Membership will elect the 2014-2015 Board of Directors at our Annual Meeting on May 20, 2014.  The nominees statements follow:

Caryl Castellion – NSQG President 2015

As a quilting beginner, I joined NSQG in 2000 and joined the Comfort Quilters where I learned much about quilting, while beginning deep friendships. A spinoff group of CQ was formed with eleven other quilters and inspiration has come from these women as we share our work and our walks through life. Many of my years in NSQG have been spent in the Quilt Show Committee serving as NSQG VP – Quilt Show in 2011 and 2012, Quilt Registrar twice; and taking workshops that lead me down previously unexplored paths. There is a wonderful maze of new quilting paths that lie ahead.

My first year serving as NSQG President has been easy as the previous Boards took the responsibility of updating the Policies and Procedures and the By-Laws. That has allowed the current Board to concentrate on guild events and plan education offerings.  Working on the Nominating Committee has been surprising with so many active, interested members unwilling to take on leadership roles. It is my hope to find ways to encourage single events volunteering through the Guild year to bring assistance to the various committees. This will provide ways for members to meet other quilters and discover the fun found in serving the Guild. We need YOU!

Melanie Burns Darensod – Secretary

I am a local country girl with my grandchildren being fifth generation in Somers.  Growing up I was influenced by family involved in the NYC garment industry: design sketches, a factory Singer with a fancy trestle, scissors of every size, and tall closets filled with fabric stash were all part of Grandma’s basement wonderland.  She patiently taught me handwork and later dressmaking skills.  My favorite memory was Mom and I continuing the family tradition of creating wedding gowns for my daughters.

When I retired after 30 years of teaching, I discovered that volunteer work and caring for the grandchildren did not satisfy my creative needs.  My neighbor invited me to the January 2000 NSQG meeting and I discovered a new world of quilting, color, fabric, math & new friends! I have explored fancy handwork to art quilts, but my heart clings to traditional designs; piecing with my old Bernina and quilting on my heavy duty Janome.

So many quilters have generously shared their time, talents and treasure with me, and my philosophy is to “pay it forward.”  Over the years I have served NSQG in various ways: Membership, Secretary, Show Committee, Kids Can Quilt, demos and stepping in when extra hands are needed.  It is with humble gratitude that I wish to serve the Northern Star Quilters’ Guild that has enriched my life in so many ways.

Linda Ostrander – Treasurer

I have been a member for 15 years or more and have enjoyed many guild activities. To serve as treasurer gives me the opportunity to give back to the guild. I am familiar with the financial management of the guild and will continue the procedures established by our current treasurer, Peggy Morgan.

I quilt because I enjoy sewing and am a fabriholic. You will often find me hand stitching a quilt block.

Patti Calautti – VP Membership

Hello, I am Patti Calautti and I am happy to be nominated as VP Membership. In the short time I have been a member of NSQG I have served in several board positions, participated in Comfort Quilts, and have made many lasting friendships.

Thank you for the opportunity to once again meet and greet you as your future VP of Membership.

Helen Boland – VP Communications

I am honored to be chosen as VP of Communications and look forward to serving the guild in this capacity for another year.   Technology provides us with so many ways to communicate with each other and I hope to continue the excellent work of my predecessors in this area.

I began sewing at age 8 making dolls clothes and graduated to making my own clothes at age 10. My mother taught me the basics and I taught myself the rest.  In high school, I won first prize for a suit I made and was also chosen to represent my high school at the McCalls Teen Fashion Board.  My interests range from machine sewing to all sorts of handwork – cross stitch, needlepoint, crewel embroidery, knitting and crochet.

I didn’t begin quilting until 1975 when I put together what I would now call a comforter for my daughter with a very large Sun Bonnet Sue on it.  I stumbled upon a quilt show on vacation one year and I was pretty much hooked after that.  Mostly, I taught myself to quilt and took a class or two at the Country Quilter.  Since joining the guild, I have enjoyed the variety of workshops available to further my quilting skills.

I joined the guild in 2009 and have enjoyed being a part of such an inspiring group.  I served as photographer for the newsletter the following year and then one year as Hospitality Chair.  I have also given time to make Comfort Quilts.  I was thrilled to be a part of piecing the 2013 raffle quilt along with Susan Fasnacht and Sue Wilterding.  Helping to make the new drapes for the Quilt Show was another way I felt I supported the guild for all the wonderful opportunities it has given me.  This past year has been a challenging one for me as I integrated my technology skills with serving the guild as VP of Communications.  I have enjoyed being an integral part of the guild and look forward to another great year. Thank you for the opportunity

JoAnne Finnigan – VP Programs

My love of fiber arts began when I was about 8 years old when I learned to knit and crochet.  In fact, I’ve never met a fiber craft that I didn’t love!  In the early 90’s I was introduced to quilting via Eleanor Burn’s PBS series Quilt in a Day and found Northern Star Quilters Guild.  During the 90’s I took as many classes from all of the big name teachers of that era and I was completely hooked.  I also enjoyed serving on the quilt show committee that gave me the opportunity to make wonderful friends!

In 2000, we moved to Pennsylvania where I joined the Milford Valley Quilters Guild (MVQG) and held several committee positions including Program Chair.  One of my proudest moments as a quilter occurred in 2002 when MVQG was invited to make a redwork quilt to auction after the September 11th tragedy.  I was asked to embroider the “We the People” block in the center of the quilt and we had a wonderful time traveling to Paducah that year to see all of the wonderful quilts that had been donated.

In 2007, after my husband became ill and subsequently passed away, one of the things that gave me great comfort was coming back to NSQG.  The wonderful ladies that I had spent so much time with welcomed me back as if I had never left.

I feel it is important to give back and I have enjoyed serving the guild as VP Programs this year.   I look forward to continuing to do so in the coming year.

Jennifer Kramer – VP Education

I will always be grateful to my mother for signing me up for a 6 week Singer sewing class when I was 12, and buying me my first machine, an industrial model used Singer.  What followed has been a lifetime of pleasure, first in making clothes and starting in 1997, quilting.  Classes at the Country Quilter got me started, and I joined the Guild in 2009.

The appliqué SIG, special classes and Super Saturdays have enriched my quilting. At the moment, I am working on a quilt portrait.  I’m out of my “comfort zone” and loving it. I am happy to be a part of the 2014-15 NSQG Board.

Susan Fasnacht – VP Quilt Show

I joined the Guild in 2010, as a way to improve on my quilting skills and to meet people with similar interests in sewing.  I have sewn all my life and my mother is a quilter – she was a member of the Guild in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s.  I have met my goals, not only have I learned many new techniques for quilting, but I have met many wonderful quilters in the past 4 years.

This past year I have served Vice President of Membership, a position that I have enjoyed filling.  At last year’s Quilt Show, I was a co-chair for the frame set-up and take down, a time consuming task.  With the help of the Pound Ridge Volunteer Fire Department and the volunteers from the Guild, set-up and take down was done in record time.

I am ready to Chair the 2015 Quilt Show.  I have run a similarly large fund raising event for my local Rotary club, so I understand the work involved in managing such an event.  Fortunately, members of the Guild so generously volunteer their time to help organize the event and make it run smoothly.  I am looking forward to working with those volunteers over the next year.


By the time you receive this newsletter, A World of Quilts XXXV will be only a few weeks away. The groundwork has been laid and the Quilt Show Committee is making final preparations. Our show promises to offer inspiration to quilters with a wide variety of interests and a great way to introduce family members and guests to the 2014 quilt scene.

In addition to the registered quilts in the gymnasium, other special displays will be on view throughout the building. We have a wonderful invitational exhibit of modern quilts this year by well-known author Cheri House. Also, make sure to see the 2014 NSQG Challenge, “Pest or Pet?”, the Silent Auction, Comfort Quilts, the FANE (Fiber Arts NorthEast) Challenge and quilts from the Landscape  and Art Quilt Special Interest Groups.

If you have not yet volunteered for a job at the quilt show, it’s not too late to sign up! A minimum of three volunteer hours is required in order to obtain one day of free admission. Any additional hours that you might be able to contribute would be greatly appreciated. Contact Carolynn Young to sign up.

Spread the Word
There are several ways you can help advertise our show:

There will be show postcards available at the admissions table at the April guild meeting.  Also, keep an eye out for the show invitation email that you can forward to your family and friends. And don’t forget to print the show poster and display it wherever you can.  The show is right around the corner!

Show Pins
Show pins will be on sale at the April meeting. Be sure to get yours early. In each of the last two years the pins sold out completely. In addition to this year’s pins, vintage pins will be available for purchase at the show.

Quilt Drop Off
Quilt Drop Off day is Saturday, April 26 from 12 noon until 4 pm at the JFK High School Cafeteria.

All quilts must have:

  1. A sewn on sleeve for hanging
  2. A covering over your name on the back or front of your quilt
  3. A Registration ID Number sewn to the lower right corner of the quilt back
  4. No loose threads, pet hairs or strong odors.

Diane Linker and Jane Eyes, VP’s, Quilt Show


April: Kathy Duniganphoto baltimore baskets

Lecture: Tuesday, April 22
“Bloom Where You Are Planted”

Kathy (an Elly Sienkiewicz Academy instructor) explores her love of appliqué, especially Baltimore Album quilts, and the ever-changing journey of her years of quilting. The interactive and playful chat is punctuated by door prizes and freebies and lots of goodies to drool over.

Workshop: Wednesday, April 23
Baltimore Basket of Roses

Spend a day with Kathy and let her guide you as you make the loveliest of blocks.  This breathtaking block can take center stage in a wallhanging or set it into a Baltimore Album that you have started or are thinking of beginning.  In this jam-packed technique class you will include padded and embroidered applique and you will be able to try different methods for your stems and basket.  A bit of reverse applique; just the right amount to make this block fun and Kathy will show you how to ribbon weave the basket if you desire.  The two birds flit overhead and just wait for a fabulous fancy print to make them soar.

A kit which contains pattern, fabric, ribbon and embroidery floss is available for $24.

Don’t miss this exciting class which will take place at the Lake Lincolndale Clubhouse.

Thank you to Maggie Kolvenbach who has volunteered to serve as monitor!

Sue Nicols picMay 5 – Sue Nickels, Ann Arbor, MIMachine Appliqué – Flower Basket $50

Intermediate- 1 day

In this workshop learn how to appliqué using a quick raw edge fusible machine technique. Ashley’s Flower Basket, the first pattern in a series of flower basket designs Sue created for JWD Publishing will be used in this workshop. Learn the fine points of machine appliqué including perfect points, neat curves and creative surface embellishments. This technique is the focus of the AQS book “Stitched Raw Edge Appliqué” co-authored by Sue and her sister, Pat Holly. Quality workmanship is the priority in this workshop!
Please note: for the one day version of this workshop students will be working on a small practice piece to learn how to do the techniques featured in this appliqué project. Students receive all the information needed to complete their Flower Basket Quilt, but we will only work on the practice piece in class. There will be a pattern fee of $8.00 www.sue-nickels.com

Note this class will take place on a Monday as it follows the quilt show and will be held at the North Salem Ambulance Corp. 

Image - Squiggle half
May: Sarah Ann Smith, Hope, Maine

 Lecture: Tuesday, May 20, 2014
“Journal Quilts and Journals”

journal picJournal quilts are for everyone, not just art quilters! So what IS a journal quilt?  It is a small thing, often the size of a piece of copy paper, that gives you a chance to learn a new technique or try out a new idea without using a lot of time or materials. Sarah will share her journals, what she learned from them and how she developed as an artist using, then she’ll share inspiring journal quilts by others.  Finally, learn how to make your own journal quilts and use a sketch journal to record quilt ideas and practice new techniques—you don’t need to be an artist, just willing to see! http://www.sarahannsmith.com/ 

JoAnne Finnigan, VP Programs


Some Updates for Special Interest Groups:

The Sticklers:
The Sticklers SIG has decided to meet on a less frequent basis.  Hopefully, the time saved will be used to make more progress on their “Dear Jane” blocks.  For those who participate less frequently, perhaps the “specialness” of a once-quarterly meeting will help justify your reserving the date in advance. Their next meeting will be Sat, Jun 14 – Flag Day!  The following meeting will be in late August.  Homework for the June meeting will be blocks I-10, L-10, plus another block of your choosing.
Everyone is always welcome at all Sticklers’ meetings….so please come even if you haven’t made as much progress as you would like.   Please contact Carolyn Finn for more information.

Art Quilt SIG:
The Art Quilters will be meeting, as usual, in the Library at 5:45 pm before the full Guild Meeting.  New members are always welcome!  Please contact Christine Wilhelm to be included on the mailing list.

Landscape SIG:
The Landscape SIG meeting dates will be: Apr 5th regular meeting 10am to noon; Apr 12th beginner meeting 10am to noon.

Longarm SIG:
The Longarm SIG will be meeting on April 5th at Karen Carlson’s house and on May 10th at Angie Vertucci’s house.  Their summer project, which could be a display at the quilt show next year, will be discussed at the April meeting.  The meetings for the rest of the year are: April 5; May 10; June 7; July 5; August 2; September 6; October 4; November 1; December 6.  Please contact Diane Linker if you have any questions.

At the March meeting, 12 members signed up for the following potential new SIG’s, including:  Embroidery, Screen or Block Printing; Modern Quilts; Technology in Quilting; and Block of the Month.  At the April meeting, the sign up lists will again be available and then emails will be sent out to all interested parties with suggestions on how they can get together to make some future plans.
Thirteen members signed up for Domestic Machine Quilting!  I’ll be setting up a group e-mail for these guild members to gather basic information and request their availability for a planning meeting.

Jean Degl,VP Education


Thanks to all who donated to the annual food drive. It was a great success. I’m sure the people we’ve helped are appreciative.

Many thanks to Joan Citron, Donna Brunell, & Melanie Darensod for their help at the hospitality table, Sonhild Rodney and Lynn Kaufteil at the raffle table and Kathy Keane with the food drive.

It’s hard to believe we are up to the S’s already! Will members whose last names begin with the letter S, please bring a snack to April’s meeting for all to share. Fruit, cheese and baked goods all make great treats.

Nancy Cianflone, Hospitality


Ability Beyond Disability

The Guild is counting on each member to help raise money for the Show’s Charity Recipient.  We urge you to support “Ability Beyond Disability” by returning your 2014 Raffle Stubs and money to Althea Nolan or mail to the Guild.  Additional raffle tickets are available if you are able to give further support to this worthwhile charity.

Ability Beyond Disability was founded by a group of families who wanted a better life for their children. ABD is a resource for adults, many of whom have developmental disabilities, autism spectrum disorder, brain injury, or mental illness, often accompanied by physical disabilities. The mission is to discover the strengths and abilities of each person and build a program geared toward individual needs and goals that fosters independence, dignity and hope.

The program consists of enrichment opportunities (eg. dancing, gardening, cooking), job and economic empowerment, rehabilitation and education, and recently technology that will help individuals to better integrate into the community and also be more independent. ABD offers one of the most comprehensive systems of support for people with disabilities in the Northeast.

Currently, the State of New York has been cutting funding and Ability Beyond is very appreciative of your generosity to continue developing their program and reaching more needy adults.

Comfort QuiltsIMG_0060

Be sure to stop by the Comfort Quilt display at our Quilt Show to enjoy examples of the colorful designs and exquisite quilting done by many Guild members on the comfort quilts which are distributed to those in need.  Thanks to all who made quilts or donated fabric to make these outstanding quilts.  Please keep those donations of fabrics coming to Karen Carlson and Carol Auer.

Althea Nolan, Charitable Activities

SunshineSunshine picture and text

Melanie Darensod, Secretary


It was great seeing everyone at the March meeting.  The meeting turnout was great with over 140 attendees.  We also had four new members at the meeting – welcome to the NSQG.  Our membership now stands at 267 people!  Directories will be available at the April meeting for those of you who have not picked one up yet.

We will be hosting a Member Showcase this month featuring the work of Joyce Sullivan and Claire Oehler (see article below).  This activity allows members to show their creativity and talent to Guild members.  If you have a suggestion for a showcase theme or are willing to showcase your own quilts or a collection of quilts you own, please let me know.

April Showcase  – Joyce Sullivan and Claire Oehler

The Member Showcase this month will exhibit the work of a founding member, Claire Oehler, and long-time member, Joyce Sullivan. Over a year ago, they were introduced to the book “Fabric Embellishing” written by Ruth Chandler, Liz Kettle, Heather Thomas and Lauren Vleck, and they decided to go through the book project by project hoping to finish within a year. It has taken an extra 4 months but has proven to be quite rewarding to reach their goal of completion. They have had a lot of fun, and some frustration, but found they learned a great deal on their journey and want to share it with the membership

Claire, who now lives in Old Forge, NY, took on a small class of novices in the art quilt field and taught them the projects as she went along. She therefore followed the book directions quite closely to make it easier for the “newbies.” Joyce, on the other hand, worked alone and took more liberties in interpreting the projects. It is interesting to see the results of both. Each project will be hung side by side so you can view it that way. The book will also be available to look at during the exhibit. Personal bios follow and a couple of these small quilts are pictured.

Joyce Sullivan

Joyce Sullivan BirdIn 1987, after moving to Heritage Hills following the death of her husband, Joyce took a quilting class from Claire Oehler and joined the Guild.  Sewing had been a part of her life since childhood but quilting was new. Making friends in a new community was actually her goal more than the quilting.
However, this new endeavor became an enormously important part of her life, as did the Guild. Soon she took on many Guild Board positions, always enjoying working on the show committee and serving as President in the early 90′s and again around 2000. Through the years, Joyce’s traditional quilts won many ribbons in NSQG shows, each one a happy surprise. As new techniques and products came into being Joyce drifted to the art quilJoyce Sullivan lacet field and became aware of an artistic ability that she never knew she had. Such a wonderful thing to discover this late in life!  Although Joyce is most interested in art quilting, she loves keeping up her traditional quilting techniques through regular attendance at Comfort Quilts.  Friends?  WOW! Joyce picked the right place to look for that.

In her “other life”, Joyce is a bowler in winter and golfer in summer. She has 3 daughters, a son and 5 grandchildren that she travels to visit often. Life is good!

Claire Oehler

Claire Oehler leavesA quilter since the early 70’s, Claire was a founding member of the Guild and has served in many capacities on the Board through the years as president, treasurer, quilt show chairman, vendor chairman…  The Guild has been a guiding force in her life and in part led to her opening her quilt shop, The Country Quilter in 1990. She has taught quilt making, become an NQA Certified Quilt Judge, designed and published over 20 quilting patterns and wrote several quilting books in collaboration with Nancy Mirman.  After the shop closed in 2009, Claire found herself with the time to finally pursue art quilting and now she loves learning the new techniques and experimenting with ways to use them.

When Richard and Claire moved to a small town in the Adirondacks, it was a challenge to find ways to meet people and make new connections. It is no surprise that quilting helped to smooth that transition, as well as involvement in the art center in town, and now Richard and Claire feel themselves to be a Claire Oehler rustcomfortable part of the community. Like Joyce, Claire has another side to her, with three children and five grandchildren. She has a small quilting group and knitting group and she reads voraciously, mostly mysteries and thrillers. Gardening is a favorite spring/summer pastime. In the Adirondacks, Claire spends a lot of time outdoors, winter and summer, but there is always time to quilt!

Susan Fasnacht, VP Membership



New Books
Spring is here! Get your creative juices flowing with all these new books.

Quilting Wide Open Spaces” by Judi Madsen
App is for Applique” by Diane S. Hire
Hand Quilting with Love” by Sarah Fielke
Where Women Create-Quilters” by Jo Packham
Vintage Quilt Revival” by Katie Clark Blakesley, Lee Heinrich & Faith Jones
Visual Guide to working in a Series” by Elizabeth Barton
Liberated Quilting 11” by Gwen Marston
Creative Uses for Decorative Stitches by Karen Linduska

Many of these authors had quilts displayed in the AQS Quilt Week Show in Lancaster. Read how they were inspired to create their designs.

Don’t forget to donate your gently used books and magazines for our Quilt Show book sale.

See you at the meeting-

Please remember to return your overdue Library books.

Dee Plouffé, Library Chair


Challenge 2014

Thanks to all the members who entered a quilt in this year’s challenge. We loved how each of you interpreted the theme and viewers were blown away by your designs and embellishments.  What a wonderful display for the Quilt Show next month!

Ribbon winners:

Pets                                                                     PestsOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

1st    Nancy Mirman                                           Caryl Castilion
2nd  Renee Fleuranges-Valdez                         Jane Eyes
3rd   Denise Giardullo                                        Carolyn Salon

Honorable Mention:
Joanne Finnigan                                                Judy Ann Simek


The annual quilt show boutique is scheduled for May 3 and May 4 in the JFK Library during show hours. The Boutique provides opportunity to purchase unique handmade items from fellow quilt guild members.

Would you like to participate by selling some of your handmade items? If you are a NSQG member and have made all items you plan to sell, we welcome your participation. There is a $25 dollar fee per table for vendors. You can share or have your own table. For more information and to sign-up please contact Stephanie Santangelo.

2015 Challenge

We hope you have been inspired to keep the momentum of the NSQG challenge going.  If so, please consider submitting an idea for the 2015 challenge. Any guild member can submit a proposal, which should include: Idea, Challenge Name, Challenge rules, Categories for which ribbons will be awarded.

Please submit your written or electronic proposal to Kelly Lockwood by April 30, 2014.

Next Steps:

Kelly will anonymously submit all challenge proposals to the board at the May Board meeting for vote.

The author of the winning vote becomes the 2015 challenge coordinator.

The coordinator gathers a committee to collect the challenge entries, display the quilts at the February guild meeting, count ballets, award ribbons, and hang the quilts the Friday night before the 2015 quilt show.

Please contact Kelly if you have any questions.  Proposals will be presented at the May board meeting, so please submit your idea (or ideas) prior to April 30.

The challenge will be presented to the membership no later than the June meeting so that quilters can begin designing and stitching over our summer break.

Super Saturday

If anyone is interested in teaching, has a recommendation for a class or recommendation for a specific teacher, specific technique or is interested in assisting in any way next year, please contact Kelly Lockwood or Jean Degl.

Kelly Lockwood, Special Events


Many thanks to those who sent news and pictures about their quilt related accomplishments. Please send any pictures or information about upcoming shows or events that you are featured in to News@Northernstarquilters.com .

Image - Squiggle half

As I was browsing through the blogs I sometimes check, I noticed Norma Schlager’s “Emerald City” was featured on the Quilt Inspiration Blog.  Here is a link to check it out: http://quiltinspiration.blogspot.com/2014/03/emerald-and-green-in-2014.html

In the same blog on March 29, a former member, Georgia Heller, received a ribbon for First Place in small pictorial quilts for “Koi Pair”.  You can find the post here: http://quiltinspiration.blogspot.com/2014/03/highlights-of-2014-arizona-quilters.html


Renee Fleuranges-Valdes along with other NSQG members – Mary Anne Ciccotelli, Donna Chambers and Sandra Parrott will be featured in a gallery exhibit, “The Art of Quilt Making, featuring quilts from the Pelham Quilters”, at the DMA Art Gallery (www.dmagallery.com ) in Pelham, NY. The exhibit will take place from March 6 through April 6, 2014.  The DMA Art Gallery is located at 153 Fifth Ave., Pelham, NY. The gallery is open Tuesday – Saturday from 12 PM to 7 PM. There is a municipal parking lot on the corner.


The Grand Central Challenge winners have been published. You can see the winning
quilts, including Cheryl Kosarek’s honorable mention quilt “The Jewel of New York”, on the All People Quilt website. The quilts will be exhibited from March 15 through July 6, in Grand Central with these hours: Monday – Friday, 8 am to 8 pm; Saturday & Sunday, 10 am to 6 pm. Click Here to find out more about A Quilter’s Visit to NYC which includes places and events (including the Grand Central Exhibit) that celebrate quilts, quilting arts and fashion.

The Wall Street Journal recently posted an article about the show.  Click Here to see the complete article.

Helen Boland, VP Communications

Banner - Members Marketplace


Brother Sewing and Embroidery Machine – INNOVIS 125OD

Computerized.  Includes all embroidery hoops and accessories for both sewing and embroidery plus quarter inch foot.  Only authorized model to include Disney embroidery patterns.

Contact: Marsha Henderson (listed in directory)


Many Thanks to Nancy Hantman for Researching and Compiling this List!

[NSQG] = NSQG Member(s) represented

“Brooklyn Squared Quilt Show”, Quilters’ Guild of Brooklyn, April 5 – 10am to 6pm and April 6 – 10am to 4pm, Marriott at the Brooklyn Bridge, 33 Adams St, Brooklyn, NY.  www.quiltbrooklyn.org

“Quilts and Color” The Pilgrim/Roy Collection; Boston Museum of Fine Arts; April 4-July 27, 2014 http://www.mfa.org/exhibitions/quilts-and-color

“Homefront & Battlefield: Quilts & Context in the Civil War”; New-York Historical Society; April 4-August 24, 2014 http://www.nyhistory.org/exhibitions/homefront-battlefield-quilts-context-civil-war

”Folk Couture: Fashion and Folk Art,” now through April 23, 2014, American Folk Art Museum, New York City; http://www.folkartmuseum.org.

“Spring Shower of Quilts XV”, Connecticut Piecemakers Quilt Guild, Crowne Plaza Southbury, 1284 Strongtown Road, Southbury, CT 06488.  Saturday April 26, 2014 from 10 am to 5 pm and Sunday, April 27, 2014 from 10 am to 4 pm.  http://ctpiecemakers.org/2014-quilt-show/

“Touching Stars Quilt Show”, The Narragansett Bay Quilters’ Association, April 26, 2014 10-5 and April 27, 2014  10-4 at North Kingstown High School; 150 Fairway Drive; North Kingstown, Rhode Island.  There will be an auction of small quilts to benefit the New England Quilt Museum on Sunday, April 27th at 2 pm.   www.nbqa.org.

Quilts of Southwest Virginia, now through April 26, 2014, Virginia Quilt Museum; 540-433-3818; http://www.vaquiltmuseum.org.

“QuiltFest 2014”, Colonial Quilters Guild of Bethlehem, PA; Saturday, May 3, 2014 (10am-5pm) and Sunday, May 4, 2014 (10am-4pm);  Charles Chrin Community Center, 4100 Green Pond Rd, Palmer Township, PA 18045.  Click here for their poster with more information.

“Chemlsford Quilters Guild Quilt Show”, May 9 – 10 am to 8 pm and May 10 – 9 am to 4 pm, Grace Community Church, 275 Billerica Rd, Chelmsford, MA.  http://chelmsfordquiltguild.com/

“Stars of the Valley Quilt Show”, Warwick Valley Quilters’ Guild, May 17 -18 at Sanfordville Elementary School, 144 Sanfordville Rd., Warwick, NY.  http://www.wvqg.org/

“Blue Ridge Quilt Festival”; Blacksburg, VA from July 9 – 12, 2014 at Blacksburg Middle School, 3109 Prices Fork Road, Blacksburg, VA 24060.  www.brqfestival.com

Greene County Quilts presents two shows:

*The Piecemakers of Cairo Quilt Show, Saturday, August 9, 2014 from 10am to 4 pm at the Cairo Public Library, 15 Railroad Ave, Cairo, NY 12413.  Admission is $2.  http://events.timesunion.com/cairo_ny/events/show/370007540-greene-county-quilts-the-piecemakers-of-cairo-quilt-guild-quilt-show

*The Patchworkers Show, Saturday, August 9, 2014 from 10am to 4pm and Sunday, August 10, 2014 from 10am to 2pm at the Windham-Ashland-Jewett Central School, 5411 State Route 23, Windham, NY 12496.  Admission $3.

City Quilter: A Quilter’s Visit to New York City, outlines various quilting events and places in the city to visit in the city.  Click here to access the pdf file about this event.

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