Registration Rules and Instructions

World of Quilts XXXVII
Saturday, April 30, 2016 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Sunday, May 1, 2016 10:00 AM t0 4:00 PM
 O’Neill Center – Western Connecticut State University

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Please read all the rules and instructions carefully. 

(Click here for a printable rules and instructions)

Online Registration: CLICK HERE
or CLICK HERE for Mail-in Registration Form

Registration open January 15, 2016 and closes March 31, 2016.

1.  Each quilt entered in the show requires a registration form, registration fee ($10 for NSQG members; $15 for non-NSQG members) payable to NSQG, and a photograph of the quilt. Incomplete registrations and checks will be returned and will have to be resubmitted.

2.  NSQG members are limited to four entries. Each NSQG member may submit up to four quilts, specifying an order of priority for each quilt (#1, #2, #3 or #4). The required fee must accompany each of the first three quilts. In the event that space is available after the close of the registration period and the fourth quilt is accepted for registration, the member will be asked to submit the fee for the fourth quilt. No quilts will be displayed unless the quiltmaker’s fees have been paid in full. Non-members and Young Quilters (in category 1300) are limited to one entry each.

3.  Since show space is limited, only the first 200 entries will be accepted, subject to the limitations on fourth quilts in rule #3 above (first 15 in category 1300). If more than 200 quilts are entered, a waiting list will be created. NSQG will try to accommodate all quilts that are submitted.

4.  It is up to the quiltmaker to select a category for each quilt. Our categories are available on the website under the Quilt Show tab. Please read the section entitled “Special Instructions for Selecting a Category” in the Quilt Categories & Quilt Technique Definitions document under the Quilt Show tab on the NSQG website for additional information.

5.  You must identify any special quilt construction techniques that were used in making your quilt.  These include special methods used in constructing the top, as well as the quilting of your work.  Definitions of what these techniques represent are included in the Quilt Categories & Quilt Technique Definitions document, which is available on the website under the Quilt Show tab.  If your quilt was quilted by someone other than yourself, be sure to ask if they employed any of the techniques listed on the form.

6.  If more than one person was involved in making the quilt top or its component blocks, it must be entered in category 1200. If the quilt top was made by one person but quilted by another, it should not be in category 1200.

7.  There is no special category for unjudged quilts. Simply pick the proper category and indicate “Not judged.”

8.  Kit quilts (patterns, fabrics, and/or quilting designs pre-selected and packaged as a unit for retail sale), copies of kit quilts, kit quilts that have been slightly modified and blocks of the month where fabric is supplied with the pattern are eligible for judging.

9.  Credit for kits, books and patterns must be given to the author or creator in the Design Source section of the registration form. If your quilt is an original design, you must indicate that in the Design Source section. If that section is left blank on your registration form, we will not be able to process your registration. Please include the full name of the source and any relevant copyright information. If the author or designer’s consent is required for you to display the quilt in the show, it is your responsibility to secure such consent.

10.  A  4” sleeve must be SEWN on the back of all quilts, except that quilts in Category 900 and postcards and quilts smaller than 6” x 6” may have a 2” sleeve.  Sleeves should be centered on the width of the quilt.  Do not use a material such as Steam-A-Seam to attach the sleeve.

11.  Your name, address, and phone number, must be on the back of each quilt. If your quilt is to be judged, this information and any other signature or other identifying information must be covered by you, temporarily.

12.  A “quilt number” label will be sent to you after registration closes. This number must be sewn on the bottom right hand corner of the back of the quilt for identification purposes and to insure proper hanging direction. The right hand side would be as you are looking at the back of the quilt.

13.  Quilts must not have been in any prior NSQG A World of Quilts Show (except invitationals, special exhibits or the previous year’s challenge quilts)-

14.  The majority of the quilt must consist of three layers: top, middle layer and backing.

15.  All quilts, except for very small ones and those specified in #18 below, must be able to be folded while with NSQG.

16.  Quilts must be quilted by hand and/or by machine, not tied (with the exception of the categories 1100 (Special Techniques) and 1300 (Young Quilters)).

17.  A quilt with sharp embellishments, frames or rods, or quilts that require special handling, will be accepted at the discretion of the Quilt Registration Committee and NSQG will not be responsible for the safety of such a quilt.

18.  All determinations relating to special handling of any quilt will be made at Quilt Drop-Off by the Quilt Registrar and the Quilt Display Chairs.

19.   Special instruction for quilts longer than 94” and less than 92” wide.  Any quilt longer than 94” must have its sleeve sewn on so that no more than 94” of the quilt is below the top of the sleeve. This is important because we do not want any of the quilts to lie on the floor and possibly be damaged during the show. You should note that when the sleeve is sewn lower down as instructed above, the top of the quilt above the sleeve will be folded back and not visible.

20. Special instructions for quilts wider than 80” and less than 92” wide.  Quilts that are between 80” and 92” wide must have a sleeve sewn on them that does not exceed 78” in width so that they can be hung on the standard frames.  Additionally, any quilt that is longer than 94” must have its sleeve sewn on so that no more than 94” of the quilt is below the top of the sleeve.  All sleeves should be centered on the width of the quilt.

21.  Special instructions for quilts 92” and wider.  Quilts that are 92” and wider will be hung along the bleacher wall to hang smoothly (no gathering along top of quilt).  This space is limited to 6 quilts maximum.  Therefore, only the first 6 quilts registered that are 92” or wider will be guaranteed a space along the bleacher wall.  The length below the sleeves on these quilts can be up to 104”.  Any quilt that is longer than 104” must have its sleeve sewn on so that no more than 104” of the quilt is below the top of the sleeve.  The maximum width that can be hung smoothly is 114”.  All sleeves should be centered on the width of the quilt.

22.  Quilts must be clean and in excellent show-ready condition. Pet hair and/or smoke and strong odors will disqualify an entry.

23.  NSQG reserves the right to reject any quilt and/or to reassign categories as necessary to ensure fair judging.

24.  Categories with fewer than three entries may be eliminated and the quilts reassigned into another category.

Quilt Handling Procedures

Quilt Drop-Off:

Your quilts (in compliance with registration rules) will be accepted in person at the following location and time. The quilt number label and sleeve must be sewn on prior to acceptance.  Quilts will be inspected at Quilt Drop-Off and will not be accepted if they have odors or pet hairs, threads, etc. that might be transferred to someone else’s quilt.

Saturday, April 23rd, 2016         12:00-4:00pm
John F. Kennedy High School, Route 138, Somers, NY

If you choose to ship your quilt, it must be received no later than Friday, April 22, 2016.  Send it to: Annette Nash-Govan,, 15 Todd Road, Katonah, New York 10536.

A Quilt ClaimCard will be given out when quilts are dropped off, or mailed to you if quilts are shipped. This card, signed by you, will be required in order for you or your representative to claim your quilt at the close of the show.

Quilt Return:

All quilts must remain on display throughout the entire show.

While every effort will be made to start the pick-up process earlier, we can only guarantee that quilt distribution will begin by 5:00 pm on Sunday, May 1, 2016.  The later time is due to changes in the way the quilts are taken down for quilt return.  When picking up your quilt in person, please report to the WestCon Cafeteria starting at 4:30 pm on Sunday, to receive a number and your judging comment card. During the time prior to the start of the quilt returns, we will be distributing the show prize ribbons to those who received them.  Quilt return will end at 5:30 pm.

For the safety and protection of your quilt, you must present your Quilt Claim Card before your quilt will be returned to you. If you are having someone else pick up your quilt, you must sign your Quilt Claim Card and give it to that person.

If you have prepaid for the return of your quilt, it will be sent to you during the week following the quilt show. The cost is $35 per quilt due at the time of registration.

Any quilts not picked up by 5:30 pm Sunday, May 2, 2016, will be held by the Quilt Registrar until the owner contacts the Quilt Registrar and makes arrangements for its return.



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