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Several years ago, members of the guild who were interested participated in a shared quilting endeavor, “Square Robin”.  “Row by Row” is basically the same.Quilters can sign up for teams of five. Every month for 6 months each quilter will make 5 identical blocks: keeping one, giving one to each team member, and collecting one from each team member, ending up with 5 similar blocks.  When the six months of block exchanges are complete, you put the blocks together into a quilt.SIGNING UP FOR TEAMS
Each team will consist of 5 quilters.  You may pick your own team members. You may choose to be part of a team chosen at random or partially at random, giving you an opportunity to get to know other members.  Or it would be wonderful to include a new member in your team, who might not know a lot of quilters. The choice is yours!

Sign-up sheets will be at the September meeting.  Every member of each team will receive a piece of fabric (the same fabric within each team) when signed up.

Every month you will get instructions about the block to make. They will be simple so that beginner quilters can join in the fun.

Every month you will make 5 identical blocks; including some of the fabric you received in each block. At least a bit of this fabric must appear in all the blocks you make each month so consider that when making your blocks, you will need to have enough to include in a total of 30 blocks.

Each block will FINISH at 9”.  This means the unfinished block will be 9 1/2”.  It is very important that your block be accurate.  It is frustrating to get blocks from fellow quilters that are off.  No one wants to redo someone else’s sewing so get that ¼” seam down pat.

At the end of the 6 months you can put your quilt together however you want.  With sashing or without, with border or without, simply quilted or elaborately quilted.  Keep it, give it away, donate it to Comfort Quilts. The choice is yours!

I hope to get at least 5 teams so please consider doing this.  I am usually at every guild meeting so feel free to come over and ask questions.  You may also contact me by mail or phone for any questions.

Any new members who are interested can email me if they don’t have a “team” and would like join in.  For any new quilters, as I’ve said, the blocks will be simple enough so please jump in.

In addition to keeping the blocks simple, help will be available. Two of our accomplished quilters are available to help newbies:
Susan Fasnacht is willing to be a team leader along with 4 beginners or beginning intermediates.
Diane Linker is willing to be a team mentor for a 5-member team.  She will not participate in making blocks but would be willing to help.

Pick a name for your team. Consider choosing a team leader who can help with questions.
You can all work separately, just turning your blocks in each month, or the team can work to coordinate even more.  Maybe your team will decide to work with a very limited color palette or maybe your team will want to go a modern route. You are limited only by your imagination.
Whatever you decide the quilts will be great and you will have a good time!

Hope to see your name on the signup sheets in September.

Patricia Loquet,  jamloquet@optonline.net

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