Everything you need to know to exhibit your quilt in the NSQG ‘World of Quilts’ Show
Any questions, contact Registrar@NorthernStarQuilters.com

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–Quilts will be accepted as space permits, with a limit to very large quilts (greater 90″ any side with a maximum 112″ any side).
Members may register up to 3 quilts, two quilts per member are guaranteed thru the 1st two weeks of registration.
Register in order of priority:  $15 for the 1st, $10 for a 2nd, $10 for a 3rd.  If space is available, members may be solicited for a 4th quilt at no charge.
Non-Members may register one quilt for $50, conditionally as space permits.
Young Quilters (16 and under) may register one quilt for $5, the first 5 will be accepted. Use Young Quilters button.

Registration fees are non-refundable unless the show is cancelled.  You may pay online by credit card when registering or mail a check following the payment instructions in your confirmation email.

You will receive a separate confirmation email for each quilt registered; contact the registrar if you do not receive a confirmation email.


200 – Traditional Quilts: Large (Perimeter greater than 240″), Quilted by Maker
Applique and or pieced (specify if hand or machine appliqued)

300 – Traditional Quilt:  Small (Perimeter 240″ or less), Quilted by Maker
Applique and or pieced (specify if hand or machine appliqued)

400 – Traditional Quilts: Large (Perimeter greater than 240″), Quilted by Other
Applique and or pieced (specify if hand or machine appliqued)

500 – Traditional Quilts: Small (Perimeter 240″ or less), Quilted by Other
Applique and or pieced (specify if hand or machine appliqued)

600 – Art (Figural) – Quilts that illustrate people, animals, portraits, or other recognizable aspects of human or animal forms

700 – Art (Pictorial) – Quilts that illustrate a recognizable image (other than human or animal) such as naturescapes, landscapes, cityscapes, still-life, flowers, rooms, etc.

800 – Art (Abstract) – Original forms and compositions, non-literal designs

900 – Art (Small)– Any type of Art Quilt measuring 20” or less on each side

1000 – Special Techniques:  Any sized quilt featuring special techniques such as English paper pieced quilts, cathedral windows, miniature quilts, whole cloth quilts, heavily embellished or embroidered quilts, and quilts with unusual quilting techniques such as sashiko or boro.

2000 – Group Quilts:  Any sized quilt where the top has been made by a group of two or more makers; the person registering the quilt does not have to know the names of all who contributed elements to the quilt.  Whoever does the quilting is considered part of the group.

3000 – Young Quilters: Any quilt made by someone 16 years old or younger with little or no help from an adult. These quilts may be quilted by the maker or someone else. Use the Young Quilters button to register.

Ribbons (1st, 2nd, 3rd, Honorable Mention) may be awarded in each of the registration categories.
Additional ribbons may be awarded for Best, Judges’ Choice, Viewers’ Choice, and Sustainability.

  • *Best in Show (Large and Small)
  • *Best Machine Quilting
  • *Best Hand Quilting
  • *Best Modern Quilt
  • *Best Improvisational Quilt
  • *Best Modern Traditional Quilt
  • Best Hand Applique
  • Best Machine Applique
  • Best Original Design
  • Best Use of Color
  • Best Hand Embellishing

* To be eligible for these ‘Best’ ribbons, the quilt must be entirely constructed, including quilting, by one person.

Repurpose, Reuse, Recycle – A sustainable quilt is defined as a quilt which has been made with minimal negative impact on the environment. At least 75% of the materials used within the piece must be repurposed, including functional textiles (e.g. curtains, clothing or bedding) and discarded items (e.g. packaging).  The remaining 25% would ideally be organic fabrics and/or taken from yours (or someone else’s) quilting stash rather than bought new. The maker should use biodegradable or recycled materials wherever possible.

Enter the quilt in the appropriate category –  check the Sustainable Box on the registration form and include the items used in your artist’s statement.

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