Quilt drop-off takes place Saturday the week before the Show.
Quilt pick-up takes place Sunday at the end of the Show.
All quilts must remain on display throughout the Show.

Special Handling
All quilts, except for very small ones and some exceptions as determined at Quilt Drop-Off, MUST be able to be folded while with NSQG.
NSQG has arranged for special handling of quilts with sharp embellishments, frames or rods, or quilts that do not fold.
While every effort will be made to ensure the well-being of these quilts, NSQG will not be responsible for the safety of such a quilt.

Be sure to review the information and requirements on the Quilt Registration page.
For further information, contact registrar@northernstarquilters.com

– Quilt Drop-Off – or – Quilt Pick-Up
for date, time, location and details specific to this year.

QUILT DROP-OFF Requirements:

– A week or so prior to Drop-off, you will receive your quilt number label(s) for your quilt(s) along with relevant drop-off information in the mail.

–  Prior to Drop-Off, all quilts must have a temporary name and address label, covered by the assigned quilt number label sewn on the lower right hand corner (as viewed from the back), a hanging sleeve sewn on, and any other personal identification temporarily covered with a sewn on patch (no tape or pins).

– All quilts MUST be able to be folded while with NSQG, except for very small ones and any exceptions as determined at Drop-Off.

– Quilts must be clean and in excellent show-ready condition. Pet hair, smoke, or strong odors that might be transferred to someone else’s quilt will disqualify an entry.

Quilts will be inspected at Quilt Drop-Off and will not be accepted if they do not meet these requirements.

A Quilt Claim Card, required to reclaim your quilt, will be given to you when your quilt is accepted.

If you are not able to bring your quilt to the scheduled Drop-off, please make arrangements with another guild member to do it for you.   No quilts accepted after Drop-Off day unless prior arrangements have been agreed upon.

QUILT PICK-UP Procedure:

For the safety and protection of all quilts, you must present your signed Quilt Claim Card before your quilt will be returned to you.  If someone else is picking up your quilt, you must sign your Quilt Claim Card and that person must hand it in.


While every effort will be made to start the pick-up process as early as possible, we can only guarantee that quilt distribution will begin at 5:00pm.  Please check in at 4:30pm on Sunday to receive a pick-up number and any judging comments.  Quilt return will end at 6:00pm.  Any quilts not picked up by then will be held by the Quilt Registrar until the owner contacts the Quilt Registrar and makes arrangements for its return.

STEP 1.  Check in at the cafe across from the gym –
— a) Receive a group number.
— b) Verify your identity and show your quilt claim card(s).  If you do not have your quilt claim card(s), you need to obtain a replacement.
— c) Pick up your judging envelope.
— d) Wait for your group number to be called.

STEP 2.  When your group number is called, proceed to the gym –
— a) Turn in your group number ticket and proceed to the Quilt Pickup Table.
— b) Hand your claim card(s) to the next available helper.
— c) Wait for your quilt(s) and your claim cards(s) then proceed to the check-out table.

STEP 3.  Hand in your claim cards(s) and we will verify that you have the correct quilt(s).

STEP 4.   Pick up your quilt display card(s) and any ribbons and exit.