Thank you to all our members who brought in snacks during the year. For our June Salad Supper  all members are asked to bring in a dish that would feed 6-8 persons and a recipe note describing the dish and ingredients.


May was a very successful month for the library. All the library books were returned, or accounted for, and the book sale was successful! This was due to both the hard work of volunteers before and during the sale.  And the constant influx of donations, carried in bags, boxes, car trunks and backseats.
While I don’t have everyone’s name, I would especially like to thank the following people for their donations: JoAnne Hochstein, Rebekah Glacy, Barb Tatera, Joan Weith and her family for donating her entire collection of quilting books “to her friends the NSQG” , Yvonne Clayton, Joan Dean a former NSQG member who has retired from quilting and donated her whole collection of quilting books  for us to use.     We will be holding the Librayr end of the year book and magazine sale! Bring your change!