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1 Jun, 2024

President’s Message – 06/24

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As this guild year draws to a close, we would like to thank everyone, both on the board and in the guild for helping to make this year such a success.  We look forward to a wonderful year to come.

From the feedback we’ve been getting, our quilt show was a very positive and enjoyable experience for everyone who attended.  Much thanks to Deb Warren and her committee for again pulling off two great days.  To all of our volunteers, we could not have done this without your help! Thank you, thank you, thank you….

We hope to see many of you at the Salad Supper, a relaxing chance to socialize with friends and have a bite to eat.   Please join us at Fox Lane on June 12th (reminder-date change from original June19th) at 6 pm.   Please bring a dish (not necessarily a salad!) to feed 6-9 people.  Details in the hospitality section.

Warmest wishes for an enjoyable summer.  We will be posting our meeting dates for next year once confirmed with Fox Lane.

Sheryl and Helen,

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1 May, 2024

President’s Message – 05/24

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THE QUILT SHOW IS HERE!  “There’s no people like Show People.”  Not only are you going to see magnificent quilts but we are having an amazing program.  Irene Roderick will be presenting three unique lectures and don’t forget that the room will be filled with friends and family and other quilters.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Our May meeting on Wednesday the 15th will feature our annual Ugly Fabric Auction.  Bring your cash and be prepared for a great time!  The committee has told us the fabrics this year are going to be quite special.

There are still some spaces available for the Lancaster trip.  If you are still sitting on the fence about this, the time is now. Bring your checkbook to the quilt show as we will have a booth there for sign-ups and hope to finish filling up the bus.

Wishing everyone a beautiful spring.

Sheryl and Helen

Sheryl and Helen,

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1 Apr, 2024

President’s Message – 04/24

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March Lecture by Daisy Dodge

Flowers are blooming and so is our guild.  This is our busy season with many exciting things happening.

We hope you are all putting the finishing touches on your quilts for what we expect is going to be a fantastic quilt show. Don’t forget to sign up to volunteer at the show.  We ask that all members sign up for at least one 2-hour slot.  You will receive one free admission (maximum 2) for every two hours that you work.  For those of you entering a quilt for the first time to our show, please remember your quilts need a sleeve on the back and a number in the corner which you will receive in the mail.  Quilt drop off is April 27th.  Please refer to the website for any questions and more information.

The Lancaster bus is half full with seats going fast.  Right after the April meeting, we will be opening seats to non-members.  If you plan on joining our quilt trip, please get your money in now.

Looking forward to seeing you at our April meeting.

Sheryl and Helen,

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1 Mar, 2024

President’s Message – 03/24

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Welcome back to in person meetings. We look forward to seeing you at Fox Lane on Wednesday March 20th at 6pm.

We are busy!  If you are involved in a SIG, those meetings are underway.  If you are interested in joining a SIG, the guild meeting is a perfect place to learn more about them. Hopefully the SIGs and workshops have given you inspiration and you are getting quilts ready for our show the first weekend of May.  Quilt drop off is April 27th! Please remember that quilt registration is now open to non-members so if you would like to show any quilts, please register ASAP so you can be assured that there is room.

If you are planning on joining our Lancaster trip scheduled for September 13-14, please remember to bring a check to register.

We have booked an additional free workshop for ALL our members.  On March 9th, there will be a three hour Zoom workshop with Luke Haynes and Nicole Leth on typography in quilts and Nicole’s Affirmation project.

Looking forward to seeing all of you,

Sheryl and Helen,

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1 Feb, 2024

President’s Message – 02/24

2024-02-04T18:04:26-05:00Member Showcase, President's Message|

Here’s hoping that the cold weather has given you lots of time for quilting.

Remember our Quilt show is only 3 months away!

Exciting news.  Our wonderful trip to the Lancaster Quilt show is back! Our new trip coordinator, Christine Bunke, has been hard at work organizing and making plans for the bus and hotel stay.  She has arranged for stops at 3 quilt shops along the way. Please see further information in the newsletter.  We expect to sell out so if you are interested, please contact Christine asap and get your name on the list.

Just a reminder that our February meeting is Wednesday the 21st at 6pm.  Ann Johnston is our speaker. The meeting will again be on  Zoom and you will all be receiving the link a few days before.

If you are new to the guild, the best way to meet everyone is to come to our meetings and get involved.  Starting March we are back in person at Fox Lane HS.

Happy quilting!

Sheryl and Helen,

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3 Jan, 2024

President’s Message – 01/24

2024-01-18T16:45:21-05:00Member Showcase, President's Message|

Barbara Glab’s Holiday Trunk Show

2024 is starting off with a bang!

We have a number of new events being planned for the new year. Our established Improv SIGs have become so successful that we are introducing a third new group. Please contact Rita Romeu if you would like more information.  An event that you are not going to want to miss is our new bus trip to the Lancaster Quilt show.  In previous years this was one of our most successful events and we are so excited to be bringing it back.   Mark your calendar for Friday and Saturday, September 13th and 14th. Christine Bunke is graciously chairing this event.  Our Super Saturday classes are filling up but there are still a few openings if you would like to join us.  More activities details in the Latest News section.

Just a reminder that the January and February meetings are by Zoom.  You will receive an email invitation a couple days beforehand so you can easily log on! You do not need to dress for this meeting!

Wishing you all a healthy and happy New Year.

Sheryl and Helen,

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1 Dec, 2023

President’s Message – 12/23

2023-12-01T16:40:57-05:00Member Showcase, President's Message|

Quilt Retreat at Mariandale

Happy Holiday Season! We can’t believe it’s December already and we are looking forward to our holiday party on Wednesday December 13th.  Note, one week earlier than usual.

Bring a plateful of holiday cookies to share and a container to take home extras and enjoy a trunk show by member Barbara Glab.

Looking towards the future, please remember that our meetings in January and February will be on Zoom.  You will be sent the access link a couple of days before.

If you have been missing our meetings, please check out our workshops, Super Saturday, and other activities later in this newsletter and on the website.

Though May seems far away, our quilt show is right around the corner.  We are still missing two chairs for admissions and quilt handler.  Please, please consider by yourself or with a friend taking on one of these positions.  We cannot have a quilt show without them!

Wishing everyone a Happy Holiday. See you on the 15th!

Sheryl and Helen,

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1 Nov, 2023

President’s Message – 11/23

2023-11-02T11:01:39-04:00Member Showcase, President's Message|

The CQ raffle raised $330 to help support Comfort Quilts.

Dee Rizzo chose her own quilt. Jody Sullivan’s choice was by Joyce Sullivan. Mary Rossetti chose JoAnne Hochstein’s.

With our guild now in full swing at our new home, we hope you are  enjoying our meetings as much as we are.  Little by little we are ironing out the minor problems that arose with the new change of space.

We look forward to welcoming Cindy Grisdela at our November meeting.  Her lecture will be followed by a workshop.  We look forward to seeing and hearing many of her new ideas and techniques.

And speaking of techniques, Fran Jacobson will be chairing a Special Interest Group for beginner quilters.  Please check with Fran for more details.

At our last meeting Comfort quilts had a wonderful raffle from their summer challenge.  Comfort quilts under Karen Carlson’s and Carol Auer’s leadership, sews quilts for those in need.  If you are free on Wednesdays join them at the North Salem Ambulance Corp.  Please see our website for more details.

And as always please read the entire newsletter and check our website.  There is a wealth of information right at your fingertips on all our future activities.

Hope to see you on November 15th.
Sheryl and Helen,

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1 Oct, 2023

President’s Message – 10/23

2023-10-02T21:59:40-04:00Member Showcase, President's Message|

Upcoming Landscape Workshop

Thank you to everyone who attended and helped make our kickoff meeting a great success.  We had an enormous crowd of both old and new members and it was great to see everyone again. Since the quilt show we have gained about 30 new members with 4 joining at the meeting. This is very exciting.  Please reach out and make our new members feel welcome  and encourage them to join our Special lnterest Groups(SIGs) and other activities.

And mentioning our SIGS, Fran Jacobson has offered to lead a beginner quilting group so that our new quilters might have guidance and technical assistance.

Clara Nartey gave a wonderful presentation on creativity.  Her trunk show was truly exquisite.  We look forward to Rachel Derstine’s lecture  in October.  She will also be leading a workshop on landscapes.  There are still a few openings.

A big thank you to Lisa Alfonzetti of Pins and Needle for the pizza party and fantastic workshop on sewing machine maintenance that she held for our members just before the meeting.  Lisa’s shop is close by in Mount Kisco and she will be keeping it open so that members might shop before the meeting.

Also thanks to Meg Mooar for her wonderful Zoom pop-up presentation on Dyeing Fabrics with Natural Materials; the recording link was emailed afterwards in case you couldn’t attend.

Looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday October 18th at Fox Lane.

Sheryl and Helen,

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1 Sep, 2023

President’s Message – 09/23

2023-09-01T09:50:28-04:00Member Showcase, President's Message|

Fox Lane High School Atrium

Atrium Entrance Area and Parking

We hope you all are having a wonderful summer and quilting up a storm.  


This year we have a number of exciting things to look forward to.  Jo Thomas has managed to snare Irene Roderick (  for World of Quilts XLIII.  She is planning on 3 unique lectures, so plan on spending the weekend with us.  We will also be having a 2 day workshop with her after the show and be sure and check out our other workshops scheduled throughout the year.  We have our Super Saturday again in February headed by Lefa Alksne and our very own comedian, Linda Finegan running the ever popular Ugly Fabric Auction.  Jody Sullivan will be running 2 retreats at the Mariandale Center in Ossining.  Check it out in this newsletter.  Constance Toplansky is heading our 2023-24 Black and White Challenge.  Orphan blocks are being collected by Patricia Loquet for later distribution to make into Comfort Quilts.  Finally, we have a number of SIGs making plans for the year and we hope you will join.


As a reminder, our new location is Fox Lane High School, 632 South Bedford Rd. Bedford, NY 10506.  This is just east of Exit 4 (Mt.Kisco) of I-684.  There are 2 entrances.  The first is the immediate right turn just past 684.  It is not labeled but the road enters at the back of the campus where the two story atrium is our entrance.  If you miss that turnoff, make a right at the light and follow the main roads around to the back.  This will lead you to the other end of the campus where the 2-story atrium is at the back of the last building.  There is ample parking adjacent to the door.  We will be meeting in the cafeteria which is almost immediately on your right upon entering the building.


Before the meeting, at 4pm at her shop, Lisa Alfonzetti of Pins and Needles in Mt. Kisco is running a Sewing Machine Maintenance class and pizza party,  free of charge for members, signup is requested – use the signup link later in the newsletter.  Thank you so much, we are sure your pointers will be very helpful.


September is here.  Hope to see you at our first meeting on Wednesday, September 20st at 5:30!

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17 Jul, 2023

Special Edition July 2023

2023-07-17T17:10:28-04:00Member Showcase, President's Message|

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1 Jun, 2023

President’s Message – 06/23

2023-07-12T17:15:11-04:00Member Showcase, President's Message|

Our term as your presidents is coming to an end and we can honestly say it’s been an education as well as a rewarding experience.  We wish to thank the current board for all their help and hard work throughout the year.  The guild is indebted to you for what you have accomplished the past two years.  And thank you again to each new and continuing board member who stepped up to serve 2023-2024.  We wish you the very best.
We’ve had our challenges from finding a new venue for the quilt show, a new venue for workshops, and most recently, securing a new space for our monthly meetings. Now we can announce that we have a new location – the large cafeteria at Fox Lane High School in Bedford, NY.  We believe this new location may prove to be advantageous to many as it is located right off Rte 684.  Meeting dates are expected to continue on the third Wednesday of the month, except for December which will be on the second Wednesday.  You will be receiving more information from your new presidents, Helen May and Sheryl Fleishaker.   We look forward to seeing you there in the fall!
Once again we wish to thank Lisa Alfonzetti and her incredible committee who made World of Quilts XLII a success. We gained 17 new memberships during the show!
We hope to see many of you on Wednesday, June 21 at the Salad Supper Meeting which starts at 6 pm at Kennedy Catholic HS.  Details follow in the hospitality section.
Warmest wishes for an enjoyable summer,

Margaret and Jody

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