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1 Dec, 2019

President’s Message

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Pillowcases donated to Elizabeth Seton Childrens Center

NSQG member Lisa Mason has delivered 165 pillowcases, 86 provided by NSQG members. Her daughter, Caroline, is going to set up a shop at the hospital and give each of the kids a ticket. They can then come with their therapist to “buy” their own pillowcase. Lisa’s […]

1 Nov, 2019

President’s Message

2019-11-03T10:06:19-05:00President's Message|

CQ Summer Project Raffle Display

We received an outpouring of email to let us know how happy you were that Kennedy Catholic has invited us to continue to have our meetings at the school.  There was definitely a collective sigh of relief!

A couple of weeks ago Althea dropped off three lovely quilts , made […]