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1 Mar, 2023

President’s Message – 03/23

2023-03-01T08:34:23-05:00Member Showcase, President's Message|

—————– Ugly? Not Ugly?

Firstly, thank you to those members who agreed to serve as elected officers on the Guild Board ’23-’24. A slate of candidates will be presented for approval at the March board meeting. We also thank the other members of the Nominating Committee, Rosemary De Paola, Kathy Keane and Grace Zipprich, who met with us on Zoom, made numerous phone calls and wrote emails.
Secondly, we’re looking forward to seeing many of you in person at our next meeting, Wednesday, March 15, at Kennedy Catholic. And we hope that those of you have been to our retreat at Mariandale and/or Super Saturday in Ossining and at Quilt Con in Atlanta will share your adventures and perhaps show us some work (even WIP).
‘Card Tricks’ Challenge Quilts should be brought to the March meeting. 

Bring extra cash and a sense of fun to this meeting because the main feature will be our Ugly Fabric Auction. It’s amazing to see what beauty you all can create from what some others may think is “ugly.”

Margaret and Jody

NSQG Members at the Guild Quilt Retreat

1 Feb, 2023

President’s Message – 02/23

2023-02-04T08:15:35-05:00Member Showcase, President's Message|

Our priority is finding a President, Programs VP, Communications VP and Library Chair for the 2023-24 guild season.  Any of these positions could be shared with another member.  If you are nervous about taking on any of the responsibilities that come with these jobs, don’t be!  Past leaders are prepared and willing to assist.  If you want this guild to continue, we need folks to take the plunge and commit to maintaining and growing a community that is important to them.  Members of the nominating committee will be making calls.  When we reach out to you, we hope you’ll say YES.  Our guild’s future depends on you!

The next guild meeting on Zoom is Wednesday, February 15th and features a lecture by Suzi Parron about Barn Quilt painting and quilt trails.

Last month’s Show & Tell on Zoom was fabulous, and we hope that more of you will participate this month.  Perhaps some of you who took Tara Faughnan’s color workshop at the end of January will share.

We look forward to Super Saturday coming up on February 18th.  We feel confident it will be filled with learning and laughter.

Registration for showing your quilt(s) at our World of Quilts XLII is open.  The form can be accessed via our website – – or use the link in the Latest News section.

‘Card Tricks’ Challenge Quilts will be collected at our in-person March 15 meeting at Kennedy Catholic HS.
Mark your calendars as that is also the date for the beautiful Ugly Fabric Auction.

Stay healthy and keep warm.

Margaret and Jody,

1 Jan, 2023

President’s Message – 01/23

2023-01-01T15:40:30-05:00Member Showcase, President's Message|

We hope that you all enjoyed your holidays and send warm wishes for a happy, healthy, and creative New Year.  Additionally, some frigid weather has come our way and we hope that you are able to stay warm … working on a quilt or cuddling under one are both good ways to accomplish that!

It was wonderful seeing many of you at our December holiday meeting.

Don’t forget that our next two meetings will be on zoom:  January 18 and February 15.  You can log on at 5:45 to “socialize” before the business meeting which will start at 6:00 followed by a lecture.  You will receive login information ahead of each meeting by email.  While we won’t have our traditional Show and Tell, there may be time to highlight a few of you between the meeting and the lecture.  So keep your work nearby if you wish to share.

Check our Latest News below and our website and mark your calendars for the upcoming speakers and workshops scheduled.

Our nominating committee is formed and will be reaching out to members soon to fill elected positions for 2023-2024.  We are thrilled that a few of you have already volunteered for some positions.  We will be looking for candidates for President, Programs and Communications.  We know you care about the future of our guild so please consider saying YES when you are asked.  Grab a friend and work as a team … it’s definitely worked for us!

The World of Quilts XLII will be here before you know it.  Quilt Registration runs mid-January through March.  All details are on our website.

There’s still time to register for Super Saturday on February from 9am-3pm.  Check our website for more information.

Margaret and Jody

Margaret Cibulsky and Jody Sullivan,

Two pics from Ukraine orphanage where our last shipment of quilts went (seen on beds) as well as knitted “peace pocket pals”. Please do not publicize elsewhere. Jody

1 Dec, 2022

President’s Message – 12/22

2022-12-06T13:21:42-05:00President's Message|

Metropolis Sunrise Volunteers-Eagle eyes will spot Rona, Althea, Brenda and Anne in the crowd!

Hopefully, you all had an enjoyable Thanksgiving Day and were even able to get in some sewing during the days following.  Something we cannot say enough: we are extremely thankful for all those members who donate their time and talent to this Guild.  Without you this organization would cease to thrive and be vibrant.

Can you believe that December is already here?  Now the truly hectic holidays season begins.  Our December 14th meeting, the 2nd Wednesday, at Kennedy will be more casual because we do not have a scheduled speaker.  That means there is plenty of time for Show and Tell … always a highlight of our meetings.  Plan now to bring something and sign your name on the Clipboard sheet when you enter!  The usual refreshments will be provided and you’re more than welcome to bring in a wee bit to share.

During the next few months, we will be looking for members to take on the elected positions of President, Secretary, Treasurer, Programs, Quilt Show and Communications for the next guild year, July 2022- thru June 2023.  All these positions could be “Co-Jobs” with shared responsibilities.  How wonderful it would be if two members who work well together would just step up and volunteer!

Our meetings in January and February will be Zoom meetings.  You will receive Zoom link information ahead of each meeting.  Be sure to check our website for all activities, speakers and workshops planned for the new year.

The February 3rd-5th retreat at the Center in Mariandale will be a fun and productive weekend!  There are a few spots available.  The fee is $230 which includes a private room, meals, snacks, and a comfortable workroom on a beautiful campus.  Contact Jody Sullivan ( or Margaret Cibulsky ( if interested.

Be sure to sign up for Super Saturday on February 18, it promises to be an enjoyable day.

Take care of yourselves until we see you soon,
Margaret Cibulsky and Jody Sullivan,

27 Oct, 2022

President’s Message – 11/22

2022-10-28T08:21:54-04:00President's Message|

Scissor Man

October’s meeting was great fun with 72 members present.  We were entertained by guest lecturer Linda Hahn and six members took her workshop the following day.  The Comfort Quilt Summer Challenge Raffle was a success: we collected over $300 so there were three quilt winners.  It was not easy for the raffle winners to choose a quilt because of the beautiful display.   Ohhh … and many of us went home with sharp scissors!

The last shipment of more than 170 quilts has reached Ukraine and it was heartwarming to see photos confirming this information.  Quilts were donated by members of this guild, NYC Metro Mod, a guild from Long Island, a group from Cape Cod and other individuals.  Thank you all for your generosity!  (Notice the photo with a NSQG Comfort Quilt label.)

Our planned retreat at the Center at Mariandale is scheduled for February 3-5 (Friday afternoon through Sunday afternoon).  The price is $230 which includes room and board, six meals, snacks and beverages, and plenty of sewing time. To sum it all up – a weekend of camaraderie, relaxation and fun! If you definitely want to attend, please email and

We look forward to seeing you again at Kennedy on Wednesday, November 16.  Please bring a Show and Tell and sign up at the entry.  Also bring “ugly fabrics” in a bag or box and drop off with Rosemary DePaola.

Make it a habit to check our website, to see what else is happening, check under the menu heading ‘Happenings’, review the event calendar items, or click on the ‘Quick Links’ entry.  You can see samples and descriptions for the February 18th Super Saturday classes by clicking on the Super Saturday links.

See you soon!
Margaret Cibulsky and Jody Sullivan, co-presidents

1 Oct, 2022

President’s Message – 10/22

2022-10-01T07:37:29-04:00President's Message|

Despite several unexpected “technical” difficulties, we had a wonderful start to our new guild season. It was good to see new faces and to welcome back the “old” ones. We had 76 folks sign in and perhaps missed a few of you. (By the way, the fee for guest visitors was raised to $15 in case you missed that announcement.) Also, if you haven’t yet renewed or have a photo or update for the directory, please do so NOW! You can go online or contact Joanne Visovsky.

We’re always inspired by the many and varied talents revealed at Show and Tell! Be brave! Bring something to share and put your name on the Show and Tell clipboard near the sign in sheets as you enter the cafeteria. If we have a long agenda, we may have to limit you to one item, but we love seeing it ALL.

Bring any scissors/shears you want sharpened to the October meeting. Use masking tape to label each pair with your name or initials. Do not place scissors/ shears in any type of bag, container or holster.
Price: $8 for either large or small

There will be a new regular feature at our monthly meetings called “The Doctor Is In”.  Nancy Mirman will be at one of the tables and you can bring any quilting question to her for help – from how to make a quilt lie flat to how to go from a picture to a quilt.  Nancy has been a member of the Guild since 1985 and taught quilting at The Country Quilter for almost 20 years.

We have many upcoming events.  Remember information about all our activities is available on our website pages.

  • At our October meeting we’ll have the Comfort Quilts “Summer Challenge” Raffle.  Members of CQ will be displaying finished quilts for all to see and take a chance on.
  • April Russell is overseeing the Guild Challenge of “Card Tricks”.
  • Linda Stern and Annette Nash Govan are organizing Super Saturday, February 18, at Ossining High School.
  • Linda Finnegan and Rosemary DePaola are running the Ugly Fabric collection and auction for the March meeting. Start bringing in your “ugly” fabric now, quarter yard minimum.
  • April Russell is overseeing the Guild Challenge of “Card Tricks”.
  • We (your co-presidents) are organizing a quilting retreat at Mariandale Retreat Center the first weekend in February, Friday the 3rd thru Sunday the 5th. There will be a minimum of 10 and right now a maximum of 15 participants (with a waiting list if more spots become available). The cost is $230 prepaid which includes meals from dinner Friday evening through lunch on Sunday. Sign up details will follow.

Wouldn’t you like to be in charge of something where all the work is done?!? If you noticed, all five previously mentioned activities are up and running. It would be great to have ONE (or 2) member(s) to oversee these guild activities. Of course we wouldn’t limit you from creating and/or introducing even more fun ideas. Volunteers welcome!

Looking forward to seeing you October 19 at Kennedy Catholic if not before.

Margaret Cibulsky and Jody Sullivan, co-presidents

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1 Sep, 2022

President’s Message – 09/22

2022-09-13T15:50:11-04:00President's Message|

Welcome back!  It’s hard to believe that our hot and dry summer is almost over.  We hope you had a restful summer and were also able to get in some happy sewing time.  Let’s make it an exciting year!  Greetings to several new members who have joined us and to those of you returning.  If you haven’t renewed your membership, now is the time!

Our first in-person meeting is Wednesday, September 21, at Kennedy Catholic HS in Somers from 6:00-8:30.  Hospitality will be providing cookies, be sure to buy tickets at the Table Raffle.  Think about one Show and Tell you might share which helps everyone to better know our members.  Then prepare to learn from our guest lecturer, Deborah Kalenty, who will hold a workshop the next day at Millwood Fire Co#1 from 9:00-3:00.  There is still room for members to sign up for her “Love Links” workshop before we publicize it widely.

We’d like to announce that we have received a $3000 grant from ArtsWestchester to assist with funding our 2022 programs and quilt show, with many thanks for the efforts of Anne Chehebar and Susan Fasnacht.

This year we are excited to invite you to participate in a quilting retreat weekend at The Center at Mariandale in Ossining.  We have attended retreats there for years with our other guild (NYCMetroMod) and have loved every single one.  It is scheduled for the first weekend in February.  There is a minimum number required to reserve our space (as well as a cut-off number).   Details will follow at our meeting and in a future email.

Do you have scissors that need sharpening?  We have a contact who is good and is willing to come during a meeting with his equipment.  We’ll ask for a show of hands during our next meeting to gauge interest.   Prices: $10 large, $8 small.

The Ugly Fabric auction will resume and it’s already time to start gathering your donations!  Because our January and February meetings are on Zoom, we will start collecting fabric in the Fall.

We plan to resume Super Saturday this February or March – stay tuned for details.

If you signed up for the “Card Tricks” Guild Challenge, we hope you’ve been “shuffling” your skills and designs and coming up with a winning card!  This is an opportunity for some members to have their quilts displayed in an AQS Show in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Comfort Quilts Summer Challenge and Quilt Raffle will be presented in October.  If you’ve not been able to come to one of our CQ sewing days, please come to one of our upcoming CQ meetings or check out Comfort Quilts at our meeting.

One hundred and forty quilts, made and donated by our members and many other guilds and groups, were successfully delivered to Ukraine.  We’ve seen photos as the boxes were being received and opened.  Since then, we’ve been asked to make quilts for a Ukrainian orphanage in the Carpathian Mountains.  We are nearly ready to send out another delivery.

We need someone to step up and “oversee” the Activities Committee.  The subcommittees are already operating under leaders.  A coordinator would be most helpful.   Please volunteer if you want to do something to help the guild.

Details on these various activities follow in the Latest News section.  Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions, suggestions or want to volunteer in any capacity, our personal emails are in your member directory.  In the meantime, continue to enjoy your summer!

Happy Quilting!  See you soon!
Margaret Cibulsky and Jody Sullivan

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1 Jun, 2022

President’s Message – 06/22

2022-06-02T20:40:45-04:00President's Message|

Viewers Choice-Norma Lopez Burton-When Life Give You Scraps Make Quilts

As our first year as presidents comes to an end, we wish to thank you all for making it such a rewarding (and, yes, exhausting) experience.  Seriously, ALL of you have helped in so many ways…volunteering, putting up with our hiccups, offering advice and just generally being cheerful.  (Isn’t that the true nature of every quilter?!?)

With all the challenges new leadership faces, we had a few extras with changes of quilt show venues, workshop venues and meeting schedules.  But with help and cooperation from many of you, we can honestly say we think this year has been a success and look forward to a positive one next year, as well.

Our final gathering is Wednesday, June 15 @ 6 pm, for our annual Salad Supper.  Please bring a salad or cold dish, see details in the following Hospitality section.

We sincerely look forward to seeing you all.

Jody and Margaret

Best of Show(small)-At the Bazaar-Linda Schoenfeld

Best of Show(large)-Good Times Bad TImes-Barbara Camoagna

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2 May, 2022

President’s Message – 05/22

2022-05-20T14:19:29-04:00President's Message|

‘Put a Heart on It’ Challenge

This newsletter is most likely arriving in your in-box right after A World of Quilts XLI has ended.  In case you are wondering, 65 NSQG members submitted 162 quilts and 16 non-members also participated.  We sincerely thank everyone who contributed their time, effort and talent to make this show a success.  Special thanks go to Lisa Alfonzetti and her competent and amazing committee for all they did to bring us back to an in-person and fabulous experience in this new venue.  We look forward to hearing your opinions.

Chris Economos, who is coordinating the collection and delivery of quilts to Ukraine from NSQG and NYCMQG and others, has informed us that she will have about 100 quilts to send soon. As wonderful as that is, it’s a sad reminder that the need for comfort and support is ongoing. Chris has said that this effort will continue and she will let us know about future collection dates.

Be sure to review the information about our Annual Meeting and Board Election below.  We still have an opening for the appointed position of Activities Liaison. Several of the events that fall in this category have been filled so much of the work has been done. We just need one of two members to head up the committee.  Please consider volunteering!

The guest speaker at our May meeting is our own Lisa Mason who will present a trunk show of her beautiful quilts.  You are in for a big treat! Two lucky people will win our charity raffle prizes! And don’t forget your Show n Tell!

Looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday May 18!
Jody and Margaret

Upcoming NSQG Events

Notice of Annual Meeting and 2022-2023 Board Election
Wednesday, May 18th, 2020 – 6pm

The annual meeting and election will take place prior to our regular business meeting.

Slate of Officers

Co-President:  Margaret Cibulsky

For most of my adult life, I lived happily on Long Island where I taught Kindergarten and First Grade for 32 years, where my husband worked for SUNY and where we raised two sons.  Three years ago, I moved from Long Island to Stamford, Connecticut and a few months later I joined NSQG, and participate in both Comfort Quilts and the Improvisational SIG.  I came to quilting 15 years ago, filled with grief after my husband passed, but I was able to sort out my life by working with my hands, mind, and heart.  A few years later, 2010, the NYC Metro Modern Quilt Guild formed, and I have been an active member ever since.  That is where I fell in love with improvisational and scrap quilts.  Hoping our year ahead is filled with positive energy, good health, and lots of time to quilt.

Co-President:  Jody Sullivan

I am married to my high school sweetheart Jim for 54 years.  We raised our three children in our 150-year-old house which we were constantly renovating ourselves.  When it was finally “finished” after about 30 years, I found time to buy a sewing machine and discovered quilting.  I started by taking several classes at The Country Quilter and was hooked!  I have now joined the fabric hoarders’ society and spend much of my free time (particularly these past years) making quilts (when not helping with eleven grandkids).  I joined NSQG a few years ago and discovered an amazing group of fellow quilters and look forward to continuing in their future.

Secretary:  Francine Jacobson

I took my first quilting class at The Niddy Noddy in Croton-on-Hudson in 1980 and I haven’t stopped since!  I have a large family and mostly make quilts for weddings and babies.  I worked for 30 years as an educator in Ossining and since my retirement I can dedicate more time to quilting.  Since joining the guild a few years ago, I have begun to explore many new avenues in the world of quilting and appreciate the opportunity to give back!

Treasurer:  Amanda Curley

When I joined the NSQG in 2015, the world of quilting I knew as a child had changed.   I’ve been fascinated with the different quilting techniques and approaches and captivated with the quilts made and shared while enjoying the friendship of so many quilters.  As we all know, there is a time to give back and in 2021 I decided to volunteer to be the Guild’s Treasurer.  Your votes gave me the position and this journey has been as informative as have been the years as a new quilter.  As your treasurer, I have managed the monthly accounting with the multiple transactions involved.  I appreciate the different budgets and the Chairpersons who responsibly manage them.  I humbly recognize the savings that was accumulated over years by diligent members.  Being Treasurer has taken precedence over quilting, oh, my!  I would like to continue as your treasurer.  With the assistance of others, I would like to plan a budget strategy that will provide guidance on how best to prepare for our near future.  As we all know, tomorrow’s changes are already here.

Vice President–Communications:  Anne MacDonald

I began quilting in 2014, and it was love at first stitch.  My mother had been a hand quilter in the 70’s and I learned how to machine piece from my sister-in-law after admiring all her creations.  Quilting is a welcome change from using my brain at work, and I especially like the tactile and repetitive nature of the activities – cut, sew, press, cut, sew, press!  I joined the guild in 2015 and enjoy being with others that are interested in all things fabric and creative.  My favorite guild day all year is Super Saturday and I have found that smaller group activities are a good way to get to know other members.  Although we have had some great remote experiences, I am excited that we are able to have in-person activities again!  I joined the board first as the Charitable Activities Chair, and then as Assistant to the Presidents and have really enjoyed the experience.

Vice President–Programs:  Kathy Tuttle

I am a retired educator who started Quilting when I was waiting for my second grandchild to be born.  A good friend of mine told me I had to make a giraffe/measurement chart for the nursery, and she would help me.  Having been a sewer for most of my life I thought it was a great idea.  That was five years ago.  While the project was way over my head, I fell in love with quilting.  I am a self-taught quilter with a few classes here and there.  I was delighted to join the guild last year, excited to meet wonderful people and learn from experienced quilters.  Since joining the guild, I have realized through the many wonderful programs and workshop that my love lies with art quilting.  I am a life-long learner and I look forward to in person meetings and workshops as the world opens its doors again in the not-too-distant future.

Vice President–Quilt Show:  Lisa Alfonzetti

While being a supporter of the guild since the beginning of my business in 1987, I only became a member in 2021.  And shortly after joining, I volunteered to take on the Quilt Show.  We faced more than the usual obstacles this past year, including having to find a new venue, but with a great committee working with me we have accomplished a lot and The World of Quilts XLI is poised to be a great show.  It makes sense to volunteer for another year to maintain the continuity and strive to make improvements in our new venue.  One of the things from this experience that I am most grateful for is getting to know so many guild members better.  There is a wealth of talent, knowledge and capabilities, and everyone here inspires me.  It has been a great experience for me!

Vice President–Membership:  Joanne Visovsky 

I’m not really a quilter but was interested enough to join the guild in 2019.  As a full-time real estate agent, I don’t have an abundance of free time.  I wanted to get back into sewing and liked the idea of Comfort Quilts.  As a young girl I hand-sewed doll clothes with my grandmother’s help.  Started machine sewing in junior high and high school.  Bought myself a Bernina Nova 900 after college and considered it a huge gift to myself!  Then life took over and my machine sat idle for decades while I worked and raised our four kids.  Now it’s time to get back to creating and I find all you guild members so inspiring!  Being on the Membership Team has been fun for me and I look forward to continuing.

1 Apr, 2022

President’s Message – 04/22

2022-04-01T19:33:28-04:00President's Message|

We had a successful and lively in-person meeting in March and were excited to see so many smiling faces. The Show and Tell aspect seems to be a real hit… and quite inspiring, too.  Obviously many of you have been using your time creatively and productively.  We look forward to our next meeting on Wednesday April 6 at 6:00.

Leading up to that gathering is a two day workshop with Heidi Parkes where she’ll be guiding us in creating framed quilts.  The workshop will be held in our new venue for workshops, the Millwood Fire Company#1, from 9-4 on both Tuesday 4/5 and Wednesday 4/6.

Thanks to Lisa and the quilt show committee, A World of Quilts is well underway with planning and preparations.  Please do your part and sign up to volunteer in some capacity.  Check the website to see where you’re needed.  Remember that a two hour shift gives you a free day pass to the show but of course we hope you’ll do more!

Membership will be voting in May on the proposed slate of elected officers for 2022-2023:
– Co-President Margaret Cibulsky
– Co-President Jody Sullivan
– Secretary Fran Jacobson
– Treasurer Amanda Curley
– Programs Kathy Tuttle
– Membership Joanne Visovsky
– Communications Anne MacDonald
– Quilt Show Lisa Alfonzetti

We’re still looking for someone (or several of you) to fill the position of Activities Liaison so that fun things continue to happen (member sponsored meetings, ugly fabric, Super Saturday, trips, games, etc).  Please consider stepping up to help.  This is meant to be a shared position with shared responsibilities.

On another note, our June Salad Supper at Kennedy will be held June 15th NOT June 22nd so be sure to redo your calendar if need be.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!
Jody and Margaret

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1 Mar, 2022

President’s Message – 03/22

2022-03-22T14:17:54-04:00President's Message|

It’s almost time to meet again in person!

Reminder: Meetings will now be on WEDNESDAY evenings at Kennedy Catholic starting at 6:00pm. (Board meetings will continue on Zoom on the Tuesday the week before the guild meeting at 6:00pm.)

On March 16th, instead of a guest speaker, our Special Interest Groups will meet as well as talk with other members.  If you are not a SIG member, we hope you’ll take this opportunity to visit the different groups, perhaps join one or maybe create a new one!  Our hospitality table will have cookies and a raffle prize table. There will be show pins and charity raffle tickets, membership directories, workshop information, and all our usual meeting ‘stuff’.  Bring your book donations for the quilt show to the library.  Sign up to help with the Show.  Remember to drop off your “Put a Heart on It” Challenge Quilt for the display and voting at our April meeting.  And bring other pieces you have made for Show-and-Tell so that we can admire them and learn from you!
On Saturday, February 26, more than twenty-five members gathered at the North Salem Ambulance Corps to make Comfort Quilts.  It was a fun day of friendship, giving, and good food!
We have successfully recruited candidates for the board positions for the upcoming Guild election in May.  We have not, however, been able to find someone willing to take on the appointed position of Activities Liaison or other members willing to take on one of those many Member Activities we love. 
·      If you would like to organize a Super Saturday sewing day, contact us! 
·      If you would like to do a Pop-Up meeting, contact us! 
·      If you have an idea for a Member Program Meeting, contact us!
·      If you would like to organize an Ugly Fabric Auction, contact us!
·      If you have an idea for our Challenge, contact us! 
·      If you would like to organize a Trip, contact us!
·      If you have another activity you would like to sponsor, contact us!
Additionally, there are still many jobs to be filled for the Quilt Show.  Sunday help is especially needed.  Check the volunteer signup list or contact Helen May to find out what you can do.
Our guild is a success because you make it so! 
Looking forward to seeing you soon!
Jody and Margaret

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1 Feb, 2022

President’s Message – 02/22

2022-02-13T15:14:39-05:00President's Message|

Hoping you’re all keeping healthy and warm! These cold days are a perfect time to snuggle up with a quilt on your sofa and perhaps with the book THE SECRET LIVES OF COLOR. The author of that book, Kassia St.Clair, is next month’s guest lecturer. Her book is a top-ten best seller and has been translated into 20 languages. Maybe you have read her first book THE GOLDEN THREAD: How Fabric Changed History?

February newsletters in past years have usually announced events like Super Saturday and the Ugly Fabric Auction but COVID continues to interfere with our normal lives. This year, Comfort Quilts is offering a special Saturday meeting, pre-registration is required. Hopefully we will be meeting in person in March where April and Narci will be collecting the challenge quilts themed “Put a Heart on It”. We should have lots of submissions since we’ve had years to create them. It will be great having a large display at the quilt show.

We know that many of you have been busy finishing up your quilts, sewing on sleeves and labels as well as registering quilts for our show on our website. The show will be here before you know it. A special thank you goes out to Lisa and her committee that have been doing a yeoman’s job making all the arrangements so that we can celebrate the event. More volunteers are still needed. Again, see our website for all details relating to the show.

Feedback from the Improv SIG’s first pop up on January 15th has been positive and Part Two will be on February 5th (and recorded).  Tamar Drucker’s pop-up on February 19th will demonstrate using uneven quilt edges.  If anyone else, or another group, is interested in doing a pop up to highlight their work, please contact Kathy Tuttle.  It’s fun to share and learn from each other.

Jody and Margaret,

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