Quilt registration is open!  We are off to a good start and I hope this trend continues.  Congratulations to Susan Deshensky, who was the first person to register her quilt.  Susan will receive a free show pin for this feat.  A second pin will be given to the person who registers the 100th quilt – maybe it will happen in February!  Go to Quilt Registration under the Show Your Quilt menu on our website to start your registration.  Make sure you read the information on the page before you begin to assist you with making your entries.

Do you need help registering your quilt?  Yvonne Clayton, Quilt Registrar, will be available during lunch hour on Super Saturday.  Please contact her at Registrar@NorthernStarQuilters.com if you encounter a registration problem that you are unable to resolve or have questions about the registration process.

Volunteer Sign-Up

Carolynn Young will be at a table with her volunteer sign-up sheets. Each year the Volunteer Coordinator spends untold hours trying to fill all the volunteer slots. Please help out by signing-up without being asked. Members are asked to volunteer a minimum of two hours. People find that when they increase their involvement in the Show, they gain more than they give – working with friends, old and new, and feeling more a part of things during the Show and throughout the year. If you’d like to have fun, feel more connected to the Guild, and experience a greater degree of satisfaction, we encourage you to take a job that requires more than two hours.

Silent Auction

Carolyn Langevin and Kay Marcarello, Silent Auction Chairs, will be at February’s meeting to collect quilts for the Silent Auction. Their aim is to have at least 60 quilts to auction, 30 or so for each day.  Last year the Silent Auction raised over $2,100.  You can help make this year’s auction a success too by donating a small quilt.  Guidelines for the quilts can be found on our website.  We will also starting posting photos of the quilts already submitted.

Susan Fasnacht, VP Quilt Show