There’s been a lot of mooving going on around here! The sixteen Incredible Cows are adjusting well and chatting over the giggles they heard while they were being created. They are looking forward to the NSQG Meeting on Tuesday, February 16th where voting will be held selecting the choices for first, second, and third place ribbons. As each quilt is viewed and you are deciding which will receive your votes, look for the Most Original (funniest), and the one with the Best Color usage, and the one whose Embellishments you find the most eye-catching.

NSQG 2016 Challenge Quilt Rules for Voting

Each member is invited to vote for one quilt in each category using the number assigned to each quilt, while not voting for the same quilt twice. Each category must have a different quilt number identified on their ballot.

Once a First Place prize has been awarded, that quilt maker is no longer eligible in another category.

However, there will be a Best of NSQG 2016 Challenge awarded for the highest number of votes received in all categories by a single quilt maker.

Reach out to Caryl Castellion, 2016 Quilt Challenge Coordinator, if you have any questions.


Chris Roche, VP Special Events