Warm greetings to all now that cold weather has finally hit.  The extended period of warm weather made me forget to put in a reminder of weather related cancelation of guild meetings.  Good thing there was no problem for the January meeting.

Watch TV or listen to local radio stations.   If schools in Somers are closed for the day of a guild meeting, it automatically cancels the evening meeting for us.  If Somers schools or Kennedy Catholic announces during the day that afternoon or evening classes or meetings are canceled, again, automatic cancelation for us.  In the event that the weather breakdown comes late in the day check the website before venturing out in questionable weather.  We will also send out an email blast.  Most importantly, do what seems best for YOU.  Weather is different for different areas and we don’t want anyone to drive in unsafe conditions even though we may be able to hold a meeting in Somers.  As a last resort you can always call a Board member if you are in question.

The Board has approved the selection of a nominating Committee for the 2016/2017 Guild year.  Barbara Sferra will chair the Committee.  Other members are Jennifer Kramer, Karen Carlson and Noreen Lippolis along with the President, Joyce Sullivan.  If you would like to work with the Board please contact any Committee member.  We will match a job with your special abilities.

As Maria was setting up our new website we became aware of the fact that NSQG has a Facebook page.  Some of you have been on it, most are not aware of it.  She has updated the page with our new logo and put in some suggestions and restrictions on its use.  We invite all members to join our Facebook page by clicking on the Facebook button in the upper right corner on the home page of our website.  Susan will use it to advertise the Show.  It might be a good place for members to do the same with their friends.

I am sorry more of you weren’t present for the Meet and Greet program in January.  It really is so nice to get to know both old and new members a little better.  I learned many interesting things about backgrounds and the quilting preferences of people I thought I knew.  Thanks to those who did participate.  It was fun.

The National Quilt Museum sent out another reminder for quilts for their fund raising campaign, “Quilts for Quilting.”  I urge you to look around your house for an extra piece you have made that really does not have a permanent place to live, any size.  Go to their website, quiltmuseum.org then click on Quilts for Quilting Campaign and send them your quilt.  It is a tax deductible donation.

Nothing better than winter weather to stay indoors and quilt……keep going on that Show entry.  Time is running out.

Joyce Sullivan, President