We are very happy to welcome our first Member Showcase this season, with fiber artist Tamar Drucker!

Tamar started quilting after moving to the USA. Her love of creating art through painting, sculpting, and sketching continues using fiber art.

Tamar has been a member of Northern Star Quilt Guild in Somers NY since 1987.  She also belongs to SAQA, The Israel Quilters Association, and FANE.

Tamar says “I am a self-taught fiber artist. The enjoyment of playing with different textures and colors, and collaging bits of fabric scraps together, is like assembling a puzzle.

I start with a sketch or drawing inspired by my own photograph, then try the colors and fabrics for the best effects. I pin them down and then iron them to be collaged. Once I have a satisfying image I sandwich the top with the batting and back layer. Next I start the sewing process which adds another dimension. A lot of thought goes into every aspect of the quilting process. I enjoy this thought process, even though it sometimes seems to go so slowly. There are some lines that I absolutely feel have to be hand-quilted, and others can be done with the machine.  I love to add paint or additional color by thread.

Please take the time to enjoy the wonderful display of Tamar’s work.