*Hospitality – Micki Green, Christine Langan*

Welcome back!  As you may remember, each month a select group of members is asked to provide snacks to add to the hospitality table.  Hospitality will provide tea, coffee, and water, as well as plates,  napkins, and cutlery.  For September, we would ask the members whose last names begin with A, B, and C to bring in a snack for the meeting.  We would suggest snacks like precut fruit, cake, cookies, cheese and crackers, or vegetables.  Thanks so much for planning ahead!

*Membership – Jennifer Kramer*

In case you still haven’t renewed your membership, click here!

*Library – Elizabeth Cook*

Hello everyone, I hope you had a great summer. I’m really looking forward to seeing you at the September meeting. We have a lot of new books and magazines for you to look at in the library. There are some changes in check out and returns. Books may be checked out for one month. They are due the following month. If they are not returned after the third month you will get a bill for the  full replacement price. If you can’t come to the meeting have a  member friend to return it for you. You may also mail it back. Written instructions will be given to everyone when they check out a book for the first couple of months. I will be at the September meeting if you have any questions.