*Membership – Jennifer Kramer*

It was very nice to see everyone and welcome 94 members and 1 guest to the September meeting.  We celebrated those members who renewed their membership prior to the September 1st by awarding four $25.00 gift certificates. The gift certificates can be used for NSQG programs and trips.

Please welcome our new members: Christine Lazarus, Kathleen Porter, Mary Brewer, Katherine Darretta, Linda Franco, Jane Pinchuk, Deborah Warren, Linda DiBrita and returning member Marilyn Cambigianis.


In October we are very happy to welcome our first Member Showcase this season, with our famous quilting couple, Eunice and Don Gough.  Enjoy their quilts on display at the meeting.

           Eunice and Don have many things in common. They are both licensed airplane pilots, both capable house builders having built their own house by themselves and both are avid quilters although their styles are very different. Eunice tends to do more traditional, pieced or appliqué quilts while Don is more into raw edge fusible pictorial quilts.

           Eunice has been quilting for many years. Her first quilt was a baby quilt for a friend. She was a member of the Northern Star Quilt Guild when they were meeting at the Somers elementary school.

           About ten years ago Don noticed Eunice making a Christmas quilt. He commented how he didn’t like the background color. Eunice responded with “If you don’t like it, go make your own”. Don did just that and from then on he was hooked on quilting. With Eunice helping, Don would try a new technique with each successive quilt.

           Don is more competitive than Eunice and he would encourage Eunice to enter her quilts in the NSQG shows. Don has entered his quilts in shows around the country and both Eunice and Don have many awards. During the last six years Don has led the Landscape quilters SIG.


If you have not renewed your membership from last year it would be best if you did this prior to the October meeting. Print your form, include a check for $45.00 and mail it to NSQG Membership, PO Box 232, Somers, NY 10589.  The membership booklet information will be available at the October meeting for you to proof read and then the info will go to print.  Don’t miss the chance to be included in the 2017-18 booklet.
For information, contact membership@northernstarquilters.com

*Library – Elizabeth Cook*

For information, contact library@northernstarquilters.com

*Hospitality – Micki Green, Christine Langan*

For information, contact hospitality@northernstarquilters.com