Welcome back!  As you may remember, each month a select group of members is asked to provide snacks to add to the hospitality table.  Hospitality  provides tea, coffee, and water, as well as plates,  napkins, and cutlery.  For September, we ask the members whose last names begin with A, B, and C to bring in a snack for the meeting.  We suggest snacks like pre-cut fruit, cake, cookies, cheese and crackers, or vegetables.  Thanks so much for planning ahead!


It’s time to fill out your annual membership form and send it in with your check for $45 for the 2018/2017 NSQG!  If you send it in before September 1, you will be entered into a raffle for a $25 gift certificate for any Guild programs or trips!

Don’t forget to pay your dues! Click and print:  Membership Form.


Hello everyone! I hope you are all having a wonderful summer and looking forward to the first guild meeting in September! There are going to be a few changes in library policy, info will be available at the check-in desk and the library desk. Hopefully this will clear up any questions about check-out and returns.

Now is the time to email any book or magazine requests you might have so I can get a head start on ordering them. Try to come early if you are looking for a specific item because there might be others waiting for it too!

I would like to again thank the many people who made the May 2017 library book sale such a success. If it wasn’t for the people who brought in bags and boxes, sometimes as many as 15 at a time, we would not have had such a large sale. Then there were the people who helped mark out names and transport them, as well as help sell them!

While I don’t have everyone’s name, I would especially like to thank the following people for their donations:   JoAnne Hochstein, Rebekah Glacy, Barb Tatera, Joan Weth’s family for donating her entire collection of quilting books “to her NSQG friends”, Yvonne Clayton, and Joan Dean, a former NSQG member who has retired from quilting and also donated her entire collection of quilting books to us.

Enjoy the rest of your summer and I’ll see you in September !  Elizabeth Cook