We are pleased to announce that Mickey Lawler will be joining us as a second speaker at The World of Quilts XXXVII.  Mickey and her SKYDYES have become synonymous with the finest hand painted sky, water, and landscape fabrics available to quilt makers and other fiber artists since 1984. Mickey paints each piece of fabric individually to suggest textures and moods with subtle and rich color nuances.

Mickey’s initial book, SKYDYES™ teaches you to create gorgeous textures and effects that reflect the look of land, sea, and sky. She shows a variety of techniques for painting and stenciling on fabric, explains how paints and dyes respond to different types of fabric, and how to interpret the beauty of nature with color and texture. Her second book, SKYQUILTS, is filled with new painting techniques and full-size patterns for 3 landscape quilt projects.

Click here to go to Mickey’s website.  The scheduling of Mickey’s lectures, as well as those of Linda Poole will be available in a few weeks.

Judy Gignesi, VP Programs