March……that sounds like Spring to me.  Let’s hope the weatherman agrees and gives us lots of warm days.  Spring brings many outdoor chores so make sure you get your show quilts ready during the last cold days of March.  Then register them to be sure we don’t reach our quota before yours gets in.  It does not have to be absolutely finished before registering and taking photos.  This show is going to be so great in the new location!

If you are curious about the O’Neill Center and want a sneak preview before our quilt show I suggest you attend the Western New England Home Show being held there the weekend of March 5th and 6th.  Most local newspapers have a free admission coupon.   I might add that sometimes parking for this huge event is in a lower lot with jitney buses running to the entrance.  This is not going to be the situation for our show.  Students are in session now so take up much of the available parking.  School is out when our show takes place so all the closest lots are available.  If your husband attends with you maybe you will end up with a new hot tub or hardwood floors or a new kitchen… never know.

Thanks to Caryl Castellion for gathering so many cows for her Udderly Mooving Challenge!  It was so much fun to do and more fun to see what others did.  Caryl went all out with her costume of plaid shirt, straw hat and cowbell.  She also went beyond the call of duty by creating drapes for hanging when the guild drapes were missing.  They are still missing….anybody hiding them by mistake?

The Guild members who gave the demonstrations also deserve our thanks for the informative, varied, interesting program they provided.  As does Jennifer Kramer for pulling it all together.  We appreciate your time and effort.

I have one more thank you to hand out …… I have noticed a more “volunteer oriented” Guild lately and that is so welcome!  The nominating committee has had excellent volunteers come forward, the program last month was volunteer effort, and I have had every recent request for a job to be handled taken on by a volunteer.  This team effort is what makes NSQG great and it is what makes those volunteers feel a real connection to the Guild.  I applaud you all!

p.s. At the last minute before publishing I want to say that we had a most fun and successful Super-Saturday.  Photos and coverage of the event will appear later in the month.  Thanks to all who lead classes, organized everything and provided a great lunch.

Joyce Sullivan, President