My last message to the Guild as President………hard to believe a year has gone by.  It has been a busy one with many changes, and we aren’t through yet.  Bylaws amendments are still to be voted on at the June meeting.  My Board members have been wonderful to work with and each has handled their responsibilities with energy, consideration, responsibility and a willingness to do more than their share.  I am grateful to them for being part of all we have accomplished this year.

Early in the year we switched accountants to one who specializes in tax-exempt organizations.  It was evident that our financial Bylaws needed amending to conform to current accounting practices.  Next we began to take ownership of our website from the previous webmaster.  By November Maria launched our new website utilizing the fresh new Northern Star logo designed for the occasion by a committee of Board members.  Shortly after this, FaceBook was reinstated for the Guild to use.

During the summer meetings with WestConn began the process of “putting on a Show” in their facility.  Excitement began to grow.  Susan did a magnificent job of organizing this move and her Committee performed equally well, as did the Guild volunteers when it came time for their service.  We received constant help from the management which made us feel they were happy to have our business.  When “A World of Quilts” opened its doors it was a beautiful scene!  Gorgeous quilts and special exhibits, happy vendors and lots of excited guests.  A huge transition well done!!!

In September we had not one speaker, but two, cancel their Fall engagements because of family emergencies.  Judy handled the crisis beautifully and filled both gaps with great substitutes.  In the Fall our storage container was successfully moved from behind Kennedy to a spot on WestConn grounds.  It is now owned by WestConn (in exchange for moving it) but they are sharing it with us, for free.

A search for better accommodations for Super-Saturday ended with an agreement from First Presbyterian Church of Yorktown to use their facility beginning in February 2017.  It is easy access, ground level, spacious well lit classrooms, with a large communal area for lunch.  Perfect!  Look forward to no steps and comfortable chairs next year thanks to Chris Roche and Jean Degl.  Laureen said she thinks the same deli will repeat the excellent lunches she found for us.  This year has also seen two successful Boutiques and Library sales and a very imaginative Cow Challenge. Many enjoyed the annual trip to Lancaster.  We had a gorgeous raffle quilt completed, and a number of Ronald McDonald bed quilts made as well as more than 250 Comfort Quilts given away.

The many changes this year required us to update most of NSQG Policies.  This was done by the Board’s willingness to spend extra hours after Board meetings.  By the same token, many Board positions required changes to the Procedures and Job Descriptions that go into the Guild manuals which serve as our guide in the operation of the Guild.

We are still working on a reliable replacement contact at KC to fill the void left by the tragic death of Sr. Barbara in March.  The committee to Review the Bylaws and the Nominating Committee have worked hard to keep things up to date and to give you a fine Board of Directors for next year.

This review of the year should afford the members a glimpse of some behind the scenes things, as well as the usual, that are accomplished by your Board for the benefit of the Guild.  Give them a thank you when you see them and know that it takes many hands to keep things running smoothly.  We can use YOUR hands any time you can offer to assist.  It has been a privilege to be your President again and I feel secure that I leave you in very good hands next year.  See you at the Salad Supper, and then have a pieceful summer.

Joyce Sullivan, President