It’s only a month away from the start of a new year at NSQG.  The Board has been busy over the summer gearing up for another exciting year.  Maria Catalano, VP Communications, has updated the website to make it easier to read and to contain current information on our upcoming Programs, Workshops and other activities. A larger calendar has been added as a new feature to the homepage to highlight the month’s events.  Clicking on a particular item, will provide all the information on the event and allow you to download the information to your Google Calendar, iCalendar or Outlook.  Spend some time going through our website and seeing all information it has.  It is a great way to find out what is happening.

Soon we will be coming out with a new publication “The Northern Star Compass – Navigating our Guild”.  This will replace the Special Edition of “On-Point” and is intended as a piece to market and publicize what NSQG does and has to offer.  It will contain articles that give an overview of our guild activities and direct readers to the website for more detailed information.

Why this change?  We have found that in the past, information in the Special Edition is out of date soon after it is printed.  Plus with our new website all the detailed information is there and up to date.  We look to “The Northern Star Compass” as a great marketing tool to give to new or potential members as a way to promote all that we do.

Visit our website and check out the workshops offered this fall.  We have a line-up of great classes teaching a variety of quilting techniques.  At only $50 a class for a day of hands-on instructions with live interaction with the instructor, they are a bargain.

Susan Fasnacht, President