Quilts Inspired By Books

This year’s Guild Challenge is about using books for inspiration. Read a book on your list or be inspired by one of your favorites. You can use the general story line, specific setting or scene in the book, a character of the book, the ending or an object that symbolizes the book. Your quilt can also include your impression of the book rather than tell the actual story.


  1. This project is a quilt and therefore should consist of 3 layers, back, top and batting, with stitching to hold the layers together.
  2. Use any fabric, thread, embellishments you need to complete your project.
  3. Please do not copy an existing cover design.
  4. The quilt size should be 18 x 20” and be in a vertical format.
  5. Attach a 2” sleeve to the back for hanging.
  6. Label the back with your name and email address or phone number and the name of the quilt.
  7. Pin an index card to the back of the quilt with the book and author that was your inspiration.


The quilts will be collected at the DECEMBER meeting.


Voting will take place at the January meeting. Each member will cast one vote for his/her favorite quilt in each category – Best Interpretation, Best Use of Color, and Best Embellishments. First, Second, and Third place ribbons will be awarded in each category.

All quilts will be held for the NSQG World of Quilts XXXVIII and returned to the maker at the May Guild meeting. The Northern Star Quilters’ Guild has an abundance of creativity!  Put that creativity to work by making a quilt for the 2017 Guild Challenge.

Any questions, please email Linda Stern or Carol Weber at specialevents@northernstarquilters.com