An early Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!  Remember because of Thanksgiving, our meeting will be held a week earlier than normal on November 14.  We will have our own Debbie Bein speaking to us that evening and holding the workshop the following day.  For those of you at the October lecture, I expect that the audio will be working better – it turns out the mic had fallen off the stage earlier in the evening which caused it to malfunction.  It should be fixed for November.

We will be holding a modified Holiday Boutique prior to the meeting.  We had only a couple of members sign up to sell items plus the Comfort Quilt tables.  Rather than cancel the entire boutique, we will hold a scaled down version in the hallway next to the auditorium doors (not in the lobby).  “Doors” will open at 6:00.

I had mentioned in the October meeting reminders that the doors to the lobby will be open for those of you who would like to avoid having to walk up the long ramp to the cafeteria. Although I was told a few days before the meeting that would be the case, when I arrived they were locked.  I asked bm liaison about it and he said that they cannot leave the doors unlocked, but people can use them if someone lets them in.  I will look into this more, but for now, if you do want to use that entrance plan on having to call someone who is already at the school to let you in.

I am still looking for a new Special Events Chairperson.  Susan Deshensky has found that with getting her teaching business going along with her other activities, she needed to step down from the Board.  We wish her good luck with her new endeavor.  The Special Events position is not overly time consuming.  You are responsible for overseeing the Boutiques (Nov. and May), the Guild Challenge, Lancaster Trip, and Super Saturday.  Each of these activities has a person running them and doing the detailed coordination.  The Special Events Chairperson needs to act as their liaison to the Board and oversee what they are doing to make sure things are getting done.  If you are looking for a way to become a little more active in the Guild, it is a good opportunity to do so.  You’ll find you learn more about what we do and it is a great way to meet other members.

The Quilt Show Committee received some great news this past month.  The Dutch collection of the new Cherrywood Fabrics Van Gough exhibit will be displayed at our show in May!  The Cherrywood exhibits are present in most of the national and regional shows, so it is fantastic that we will have the works at our quilt show. Congratulations to Chris and Noreen for procuring this exhibit.

Susan Fasnacht,