It seems as if the cold weather is finally here.  The good news about that is, we now have a good reason to stay inside and quilt.  Don’t forget, the challenge quilts are due at our January meeting and quilt registration for the World of Quilts XXXIX show starts in January as well.

Thank you to everyone who brought food items in November to donate to the local food pantries.  If you missed the opportunity to bring an item, you can always contact your local food pantry directly to make a donation.  I recently attended a presentation by a representative of the Food Bank for Westchester and she stated that one in every five Westchester residents are in need of food assistance, so your donations are greatly appreciated.

For the past two years the Guild has donated a Comfort Quilt to Kennedy Catholic to include in their November live auction fund raiser.  The donation is made in the name of Sister Barbara as a replacement for the doll wardrobes she made for the event.  I am pleased to report that this year’s donation was auctioned off for $240.

I want to bring up something about the “free” table at the meetings.  Please be aware that any items that are not taken by members get tossed out.  I have noticed that the amount of fabric, patterns, magazines, etc. has been growing and sometimes I almost fill a garbage can with the rejects.  Please look at what you are bringing.  Try to limit it to materials used for quilting that are truly usable.  We can’t expect to have Kennedy Catholic to take care of disposing of our trash.

I wish everyone a wonderful and happy holiday season.

Susan Fasnacht,