Latest News – 01/20

Whether you’re a new or renewing member, check out our Buddy Program if you would like a ‘buddy’ to show you the ropes around the guild.

If you know any member of the guild who is in need of a little ‘sunshine’ for illness, sympathy, or any other reason, please contact so the guild can send a card.

Requests on how to make a donation to the guild to honor a member or support an activity are occasionally received. Such requests may now be accomplished via our website, where we have set up a Donate box our home page, click on Make a Donation.

Guild by-laws, policies, board meeting minutes, and financial reports are available for member review at the library table or by request to the

– Send Guild newsletter updates and photos as well as info on local quilt activities and shows to and photos for Instagram and Facebook are always welcome at

– Follow and Share NSQG activities on Facebook  and Instagram   –   @northernstarquilters

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