And I thought all of my weather worries were over once we got through March.  Sorry about the late notice that we were cancelling the May meeting. I didn’t find out until around 5:00 that Kennedy Catholic had lost power in the storm.  With no power and the roads a mess there was no other option.  We worked on spreading the news as quickly as we could.

Despite the storm, we were able to hold the workshop with Sue Beevers the next day.  Helen May reported that the class was terrific and Sue gave the attendees a sample of the hands on color lecture she would have given the night before.  Since it was such a great presentation we have booked her to do her lecture next May.

Needless to say our June Salad Supper meeting will be a little busier than usual.  We will be starting the supper at 6:00 and will follow with our business meeting after – sometime around 7:00.  This will be our Annual Meeting, so we will be voting on the slate of officers for 2018-2019 and the proposed By-Laws revision.   We will also pick the winner of the raffle quilt and sewing machine, as well as presenting a check from the money raised to the Emergency Shelter Partnership.

April Russell has volunteered to run next year’s Guild Challenge and will give a short presentation about it at the meeting.  Since it will be the 40th “A World of Quilts”, she wants to get as many participants as possible.  The traditional gift for a 40th anniversary is a ruby and based on that her proposal is to have quilts with red flowers.  April is thinking of supplying a piece of fabric that is to be used somewhere in your quilt.  She would like to get an idea as to how many people think they will participate so she can figure out how much fabric to buy.

I hope to see you on the 19th.  Susan Fasnacht, President