It was a shame the weather was so bad for our September meeting. We enjoyed a delightful lecture by Anita Grossman Solomon – it was a great start to the year. We have a great line up of speakers and workshops for 2018/19. You can find them all listed on our website here.

We have started to increase the use of social media to promote our guild and the quilt show. Helen Boland will be keeping our posts up to date on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. Please be sure to “like us” and follow us on your social media accounts. Links to our accounts can be found at the bottom of our website page.

If you weren’t at September’s meeting you did not hear some changes in when things are happening this year. The Ugly Fabric Auction will be held at our January meeting and the demos in February. We realized if we held it in February and had to cancel the meeting due to weather, someone would be stuck with all this fabric to hold on to for a year. By holding it in January, we have a backup of the following month for the auction, if we need to cancel. We will start collecting donations to January’s auction at the October meeting.

Another change in the schedule will be when the Challenge quilts are due. They will be collected at the February meeting with voting taking place in March. April handed out the ruby red fabric in September – it’s lovely. If you want to participate and haven’t picked up the fabric, contact April at and she will get it to you.

I hope the weather behaves in October and I see you then.
Susan Fasnacht