Great Super Saturday by our coordinator, Annette

This month a big shout out to all those people who made the February events such a success.

Kudos to Annette Nash Govan who organized Super Saturday at the Ossining High School with such quiet efficiency and aplomb.  This was a new venue for Super Saturday and it turned out to be a great space.  Our appreciation to all who made it possible – to our member teachers who shared their expertise and made it fun to learn a new skill or pattern –  Tami Drucker, Daisy Dodge, Rosemary DePaola, Caryl Castellion, Diane Linker, Carol Sterk, Patricia Loquet, and LuAnn Bruce – and to our Hospitality Chairs –  Nancy Picco and Kathy Keane – for the delicious snacks and lunch.

Linda Finegan pulled out all the stops at the Ugly Fabric Auction and to great effect – the Auction made the grand total of $1,114!  Congratulations to Linda and her helper, her daughter Eve Lott and all those who worked behind the scenes, sorting and labeling the fabric, including, Rosemary DePaola (who gave over her house for the project), Narci Medina, Nancy Picco, Kathy Keane, Althea Nolan, Linda and Sarah Stern, Barbara Glab and Rona Spar. Last but not least a thank you to all of you who donated fabric and generously opened your wallets on the night to go home with some interesting and challenging additions to your stash.

Finally, many thanks to all those members who came along to the Amanda Browder Sewing Day.  Everyone who showed up had a fun time. It is a real pleasure, as sewers, to be able to contribute to such a unique community project.  For those of you who couldn’t make it, there are still sewing days taking place in various communities through March:  Don’t forget to visit the finished display starting in May.

If you are not signed up for our Instagram account (and our numbers are increasing daily!), you are missing some great photos!  Keep them coming everyone.  For instructions on getting started, you can follow these directions.  We will also be having a ‘Sarah’s Corner’ by the Programs Table for those wanting some additional help.

Just one final note.  We are still seeking a member)or two) to take on the Activities Liaison role next year and another member (or two) who would be Assistant to the President, with the exciting prospect of taking over the Presidency in 2021.  Please give it some thought.  Also contact us if you think you would be able to provide a supportive role that could make it easier for another member to take on the main responsibility.

At the March Guild meeting, Timna Tarr will present her lecture, Design with Flying Colors.  She will be sharing stories of how antique and old family quilts influenced her contemporary works which should provide a fascinating bridge between the old and the new.

We are also very excited to see your Visions for 2020 as the Challenge Quilts are displayed and we all get to vote on them.

See you on the 17th!

Anne and Karen,
March 2020